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Yesterday, I caught myself running up the stairs in our house.  Why was I running and what for?  I really can’t remember.  It was nothing urgent, so why the rush?

Sometimes I rush through the day and at the end compliment myself on all the busyness I rushed through.  It must have been important because I was so very busy.  Did I miss something?  Yes. I missed the sunrise and the sunset, I missed the wind and sun on my face, I missed so much by rushing into my busyness.

A good friend of mine who had just had a baby asked me my advice on parenting once.  He asked me, “If you had one piece of advice to give me what would it be”.  I remember my reply, “Walk and don’t run”.  I heard my own advice ringing in my ears yesterday as I rushed up the stairs to do something I can’t remember.  I have made a mental note to slow down. It’s easy to rush into the day and not stop, be still, be present, and appreciate life for what it is.  Do I need to take my own advice, you bet!

Simon and Garfunkel put it well in their song “Feeling Groovy”

“Slow down, you move too fast.  You’ve got to make the moment last”

So what are you rushing into?  What are you busy with?  Do you have to run when you could walk?  I’m spending the next few days  slowing down, listening more to God, and feeling groovy.   Here’s my reflection on what God might want me to see:

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

The faster you go
The bigger the mess.
Ain’t that so true,
I was quick to confess.

So why do you rush
Right into your day?
There is so much to see
Just stop, sit and stay.

Stay in my presence
I’ll show you such sights.
My bright and bold sunrise
My clear and crisp nights.

Smell the rain on the grass
Feel the wind in your hair.
See my crimson red sunset,
Just stop, look and stare.

So as you rush through your day
Stop, and give me a nod
Take time to be still,
And know that I am your God.

Be still, and know that I am God
~ Psalm 46:10

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A quick google will tell you that the average human being has around 60,000 thoughts per day?  That’s about one thought per second, assuming you think while you’re asleep? You do think when you sleep right?  Either way it’s still a lot of thoughts to think about.

I find this factoid really interesting.  First of all, I’d really like to meet this ‘average human being’ (aka John Doe in the US, The Man on the Clappham Omnibus in the UK, or the typical Kiwi in NZ). Secondly, I’d also like to know where the number 60,000 comes from?  Is this an average?  Maybe it’s really just one thought that grows arms and legs and takes a drive down through the Avenue of the Mind (one of my earlier poems). Anyway, I’ll take it for granted that someone has spent some time to work this out so let’s just say this is true.

How many of our thoughts are positive or negative? What’s the split?  I know that what I fill my mind with usually starts coming out my mouth pretty quickly.  I try really hard to surround myself with positive people and think positive thoughts, because I really believe you become what you think.  As Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right!”  It’s about that simple really.

What are you thinking about right now?  How many of your 60,000ish thoughts today were good, noble, and pure?  How many were just neutral (most of mine fall into this category), and how many had you travelling in reverse? 

Here’s some of my thoughts on this:

What Was I Thinking?

Unchecked thoughts
Flow through my mind.
Filling it fast
In a split second of time.

True thoughts?
Some do appear,
Of a moral compass
For my ship to steer.

Noble thoughts?
There are a few,
Of a royal kingdom
With mansions new.

Right thoughts?
There are some left,
They lead me straight
Through life’s hard test.

Pure and lovely thoughts
Are clearly there,
I cling to those
As the day draws near.

Admirable, excellent and
Full of praise?
These thoughts are first
And fill my days.

Of the thoughts I think
They change my view.
Perhaps one day
They’ll change me too.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true,
whatever is noble, whatever is right,
whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent
or praiseworthy—think about such things.
~ Philippians 4:8

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I’ve decided that it’s time to admit to myself that I am now a writer.  I write poetry.  I have had my poetry published, and now I’m half way through putting a book together, all in the space of about eight months. My writing defines part of who I am, it defines my approach to my life and my faith. I have discovered many other writers that are travelling down this same road.  It’s easy to think we are all alone, but there is great support if you know where to look.

Like most writers I sometimes get writers block.  I get stuck and sometimes I’m not sure if something I’m working on is barely started or  half-finished.  I guess that would depend I whether I see my glass half full or half empty.

Generally I don’t like to do things by half and I get great satisfaction when something is complete.  I’m discovering with writing that a half finished poem is something great to come back to later and rework and look at again through a different lens, change and adapt.
I have a lot of poetry and writing that is finished and I have a lot that’s half done, I have even more that are just at the idea stage and haven’t really progressed much further.  No doubt there is more that I haven’t even thought about yet. I hope so.

I wrote a poem about my half-finished book, the lonely existence of a writer and how sometimes it plays on my mind.  If you’re a writer or someone who just wants to finish something, then some of these words may just resonate with you.  I’d be interested in your thoughts, fully cooked or half-baked. It may just be time to start work on the other half.

Unfinished Business

On my bookshelf
Of half-finished dreams
Lies my hopes and my fears
At least that what it seems

I’ve journaled my faith
Many words I have rhymed
But now I’m stuck fast
In the malaise of time

I’ve toiled with my time
Sweated blood, hopes and fears
My dream remains only half-baked
It brings me to tears

I feel half awake
In my struggle for self
As cobwebs and doubts
Bury my dreams on the shelf

I feel so alone
Isolated and cold
Wondering if anyone cares
As I write and grow old

I have journeyed alone
Taking long leaps of faith
I now need your prayers
As I stray life a waif

You can help me my friend
Pray I wake from my dream
Pray my words see the light
And the lights go all green

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It’s no secret, I am and have been for some time a big fan of Amy Grant.  She seems to be one of those artists that has a song for every occasion, every struggle in life and every celebration. 
In a classic song by Amy Grant called ‘All I Ever Have to Be’  there is one verse that does it for me: 
And all I ever have to be
Is what you’ve made me.
Any more or less would be a step
Out of your plan.
I’ve been thinking about God’s plan for my life lately, specifically: (a) if he has one, (b) what is it, (c) am I in step with it, and (d) all of the above.  The answer though may not be multi-choice.   It’s always been comforting for me to know that God is in control and that all I ever have to be is what he made me.  Still, I do keep wondering about the big questions though:
  • What am I here to do?
  • What is my ministry?
  • What is my calling?
  • Am I in or out of God’s will?
  • What is the desire that God has placed within my heart?
No doubt some, if not all, of these questions I’ll be working on for most of my life.  I do think I’m starting to get some answers too. I’m starting to realise that dealing with big questions is just a part of life and this is OK and is a helpful thing to do. 
This week I read the Old Testament book of Micah.  It just so happened to have a list of three things that God requires of us.  They are reasonably large things, but there are only three.  What are they?  Skip to the end of this post and have a look.  
So, I might just have a crack at this over the next few weeks and months and see how I get on.  So what about you?  Have you found what you’re looking for?  What questions and answers are you working on? 
Help Required ,  Apply Within.
Show me what you require
In my walk with you.
Down the road, the narrow way
Where the travellers are few.
Help me to love mercy
As I go about my days.
Let me take the opportunity
To help others on their way.
Help me to act justly
In all that say and do.
Broaden my horizons
Lord help me change my view.
Help me to be humble
As I walk with you.
Down the road, the narrow way
Where the travellers are few.

He has shown all you people what is good.   And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. ~ Micah 6:8.

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Summertime is an aria composed by George Gershwin for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess.

The song soon became a popular and much recorded jazz standard, described as one of the finest songs the composer ever wrote. Gershwin’s highly evocative writing brilliantly mixes elements of jazz and the song styles of African-Americans in the southeast United States from the early twentieth century.

Gershwin began composing the song in December 1933, attempting to create his own spiritual in the style of the African-American folk music of the period.  Gershwin had completed setting DuBose Heyward’s poem to music by February 1934, and spent the next 20 months completing and orchestrating the score of the opera.

For those of you who have an interest in the details, Musicologist K. J. McElrath wrote of the song:

“Gershwin was remarkably successful in his intent to have this sound like a folk song. This is reinforced by his extensive use of the pentatonic scale (C-D-E-G-A) in the context of the A minor tonality and a slow-moving harmonic progression that suggests a “blues.” Because of these factors, this tune has been a favorite of jazz performers for decades and can be done in a variety of tempos and styles.”

There are some 24,400 different recorded versions of the song. In September 1936, a recording by Billie Holiday was the first to hit the national pop charts, reaching # 12. Other notable recordings include those by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald in 1957, Gene Vincent in 1958, Sam Cooke and The Marcels in 1961, Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company on the 1968 album Cheap Thrills as well as The Zombies.

So that’s the story behind one man’s quest to create his own spiritual song.  A song of such depth and meaning that people can immediately identify with it, create experiences with the words and music, and recall those experiences each time they hear the song again.  This is indeed a spiritual experience.

So that was Gershwin’s spiritual story.  If you were to write about your spiritual summer how would it begin and end?  Here’s mine:


Is your living that easy?
Is your living that free?

Is God your companion?
Has he set your soul free?

I can bask in his glory
His embers burn in my heart

It will last all my winters
This season sets my heart free

Finally, here’s my favourite version of Gershwin’s tune, sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.  Lose yourself for a few minutes in the words and find yourself in the tune.

Background information in this post was sourced from Wikipedia

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I don’t know about you but I struggle a lot with doubt.  In fact having just reviewed my blog for my most used tags, number one is faith, closely followed by number two, doubt.  I write about doubt a lot.

This is really of little surprise to me, but it did confirm that my doubts still really bug me.  Doubts about me, doubts about whether anyone might actually read or understand this, doubts about my future, and of course doubts about God.  Not really about God existing, but more about ‘Why does God let bad stuff happen to good people’ and all those old chestnuts.

I’m not sure I’m much further ahead on the faith journey and I think I may just have even more doubts now than before.  As I get older I’m less certain about a lot of things and have a lot more questions.  Doubts inform my questions, and my questions help me to seek answers, and my answers define my faith.  It’s an interesting connection and in some way I guess my doubts make my faith stronger, just as what doesn’t kill me also makes me stronger.

In Ephesians 6 there is that wonderful image about the amour of God.  In the amour of God, faith is the shield, like the Romans used.  A shield with which we can extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one (Ephesians 6:16).  I like that image , it works for me.  It does require action. It requires us to ‘take up the shield’ and summon up the courage to defend ourselves.

So through my journey of faith I’m learning.  So what has faith taught you?

By Faith

Grey clouds of doubt
Swirl in my mind,
They chase my thoughts
From time to time.

My faith is so small
Yet is it devout,
My doubts are loud
So I need to shout.

I will not let them
Take my light,
It will not be hidden
In your night.

The clouds they part
Then disappear,
The air is still
I sense you near.

You order my thoughts
To quiet my soul.
You restore my faith
And make me whole.

So by faith, I’m sure
Of what I don’t see
You are my one true hope
In reality.

Take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one
~ Ephesians 6:16

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In his last devotion before David Wilkerson passed away last week he focused on belief and faith without sight (James 20:29).   You can read it here.  David summed it up this way

God has never failed to act, but in goodness and love. When all means fail – his love prevails. Hold fast to your faith. Stand fast in his Word. There is no other hope in this world

I often get discouraged when God doesn’t seem to answer my prayers.  I think I’m pretty good at believing but I get discouraged when I don’t see the results.  What I do know though is there are lots of things I pray for that are answered that I don’t see or even know about.  Why do I know this?   Simple, I have faith, and it seems like something God would do because it is all really about him extending his kingdom and not really at all about me.

After all, my faith is about being sure of what I hope for and certain of what I do not see (Hebrews 11:1).  

So what are you certain about – what you see or what is unseen?

Beyond Belief

Do you see today
The answers to your long prayers
Do you hope to see

When all hope seems lost
It’s not because you are blind
You trust beyond hope

The enemy will
Make you believe that your God
Has not answered you

Blessed are your prayers
Know that your prayers never fail
When all hope seems lost

For if you don’t hear
The answer to your long prayers
Know this, you are heard

You have believed because you have seen, but blessed are those that do believe and have not seen ~ John 20:29.

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The Rev. David Wilkerson, an influential evangelical minister who wrote a best-selling book, “The Cross and the Switchblade,” about his work with drug-addicted youngsters in Brooklyn, was killed last Wednesday in a car accident in eastern Texas.

Mr. Wilkerson, 79, was best known in New York as the founding pastor of Times Square Church, which opened in 1987 and is widely considered the first modern evangelical church in the neighborhood.

His book, “The Cross and the Switchblade”, and “Run Baby Run” by Nicky Cruz had a profound impact on me when I became a Christian 27 years ago.

It’s hard to put into words a tribute to David Wilkerson because he was so much to so many. 

To me, David was an author of a book.  A book where I encountered Jesus.


On your lonely crusade
You were one man with the Lord
Showing love to the gangs
Their world, their small-sword

I read you book
It impacted my life
I have walked both those sides
On the edge of that knife

You performed miracles
All through the years
Through the words of one book
I encountered God there

Now you are with my God
What joy must fill your soul
Thank you for work
May God make you whole

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The Narrow Way

You have hidden deep in my heart
A mystery that I’m yet to find,
Dreams that slumber in my soul
Sleepy visions in my mind.

I see the signposts on the road
They whisper in my heart today,
My soul stirs when I hear your voice
As we walk the narrow way.

I know if I saw your final plan
I’d be blinded by your light,
But how it would illuminate my day
By chasing away the night.

Help me to trust in you my Lord
As I step out in faith with you,
You hold my hand, you lead me still
Along the narrow way.

 For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.
~ Matthew 7:14

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Today’s poem is inspired by a Facebook Group that I’ve joined called the Lazarus Experiment. It’s all about celebrating what makes you feel alive each day – for the next 40 days. Click on the link and check it out.  Read more about here

So how do you think Lazarus would feel after being raised from the dead? 

What would Lazarus do (WWLD)?

Who turned on the lights
And raised me from my bed,
Why do I feel so alive
After being so very dead?

Jesus you raised me from my sleep
So many were amazed,
Try being dead and then so alive
After four very long days.

I feel a new call upon my life
As I turn away from what was before,
Jesus you saved me from my grave
What shall I do now my Lord?

How about living every moment
Like it was your last,
And tell everyone you meet
About your amazing past?

Sounds just fine with me my Lord
I feel so alive with you,
I think I’ll start a ministry
Called ‘What Would Lazarus Do?’

Meanwhile a large crowd of Jews found out that Jesus was there and came, not only because of him but also to see Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead.
~ John 12:9

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If money grew upon my tree
I’d harvest it all in season,
And gather up the ripe fruit first,
For that would stand to reason.

I’d put it all in a great big box
And hide it in my house,
Safe from the thief and vagabond,
And other’s who’d help themselves.

I’d give some to the poor of course
As they always ask and seek,
But I’m not so sure about Aunty May
As she’d spend it within the week.

I guess I’d soon run out of fruit
So back to the tree I’d run,
And gather up all the second fruits,
The really rotten ones.

I’d take these ones to church I guess
And I’d give it all away,
But God would see my rotten heart,
So I won’t go to church today.

I’m glad money doesn’t grow on my tree
I’d waste it all no doubt,
As I fear I’d spend my second fruits,
And God would go without.

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Through the wreckage of my life
Let me climb to You,
The one who moved my mountain
To create my faith anew.

For to me You are My Rock
In the rubble of my strife,
Through Your resurrection
By grace, You saved my life.

I believe You came to save me
When You hung at Calvary,
Let us walk this road together
From here to eternity

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”
~ John 11:25-26

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How Deep is Your Love

Long is the reach of your arm
As You hold out your hands from above
As I grasp your hands to pull me up
I recall the great length of your love

Deep is the well of your concern
As it fills from the rivers in flood
As I drink from your living water
I recall the great depth of your love

Wide is your circle of influence
Like a king with a crown and a robe
As I submit my will to your Lordship
I recall the great width of your love

You took the sins of the world
Upon your shoulders so broad
How wide, how long, how high and how deep
Is your love  my living Lord.

How wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ
~ Ephesians 3:18

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We both meet here my friend
At this moment of time
In the words of this poem
We both share this same rhyme

The gift that we share
Some words in life’s sentence
A small part of our story
In one little parentheses

In this precious moment
Our souls greet each other
As part of God’s Kingdom
As sisters and brothers

So let joy complete us
As we encounter and share
Let us carry each other
In our hopes and our prayers

Peace be with you my friend
Until next time we meet
Through this avenue of words
In the very same street

May the road rise up to meet you
And may God guide your feet
May the sun warm your face
Until next time we speak.

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In these timber trenches
In darkness, I dig in
God protect me in these killing fields
And save my soul, from sin

In this war I am blind
And deaf from friendly fire
Protect my heart with Your shield
Be my Jehovah Jireh

These trenches are my prison
The enemy marches near
God, my rock of ages past
Break me out of here

I wave my flag of dirty white
At Your feet, I fall
To my Jesus and my Friend
I surrender all

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I have noted your abrupt
Lack of comments
I have read between the lines of
What you do not write

I hear loud and clear
Your apathetic tone
Of the praise or critique
That never leaves your mouth

Your casual indifference
Breeds its own contempt
Along with that familiar disdain
That I’ve felt deeply before

As you pretend to ignore my
Dreams and walk away
You leave behind the heart
And soul of my lofty intentions

You have failed to appreciate
The cost of my free verse
The meaning of my words have been
Lost forever in your translation

Forgive me for being so blunt
But my inner critic will
Always be harsher than any
Of the words you do not say

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These may just seem,
Like words on a page.
Ink firmly pressed down,
Yet flowing like my life.

This may just seem,
Like an ordinary poem.
With not much to say,
Yet it begins and ends with words.

Words cut deep,
Like a knife through melting butter.
Words spread far too thin,
Like not quite enough lemon icing on a cake.

My words are carefully crafted and contained
Like a potter creating a fine porcelain vase.
Yet in a moment, they can shatter, into a thousand letters,
On the cold hard stone floor of your indifference.

My words, describe my life.
My journey, on the road of faith.
Tread carefully on my words,
For you are also walking on my dreams.

Your words,
Describe your response.
Your reflection, brings life,
To my dreams.

Some say my words are profound,
But still they hide in this poem.
Because you did not read them,
Like you said you would.

I hope this poem escapes,
Gets set free and travels.
For it contains words, that we can all speak.
And commas, where we can take breath.

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Before my journey of desire
I travelled the wide broad road,
Easy was my path to walk
With no desire as my load.

On my journey of desire
I have walked the narrow way,
The path is full of twists and turns
It changes day-to-day.

In my journey of desire
I have seen a beating heart,
Of one nation, many people
Searching for a brand new start.

Through my journey of desire
I have seen your brilliant light,
Shining into their darkened souls
It penetrates their night.

Walk with me on my journey Lord
I know I have a part to play,
When you call me, let me listen
Guide me on the narrow way.

Take delight in the LORD, 
and he will give you the desires of your heart.
~ Psalm 37:4 

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Colour my World

Your love
Is like an open rose
Its colour deep purple
As it slowly grows

Your peace
Is like the quietest stream
Its colour royal blue
As it washes me clean

Your hope
Is like a brand new day
Its colour bright yellow
As it lights my way
Your joy
Is like the morning sun
Its colour pure white
As the dark is undone

Your rainbow
Is your promise to me
You colour my world
As You set me free

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
~ John 8:36

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I believe in God the Father
Creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
Conceived by a virgin birth.

I believe Jesus came to earth
To baptise and to heal.
I believe He died for my sin
This much I know is real.

I believe in the resurrection
On that third and glorious day.
I believe in the empty tomb
That He rose from and walked away

I believe He went to heaven
Where He sits at God’s right hand.
I believe he sent me his Spirit
This much I understand.

I believe that one day He will return
With a call for me to heed.
I know He’s prepared a place for me
This is my steadfast creed.

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son,
so that everyone who believes in him will not perish
but have eternal life. ~ John 3:16

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A Haiku of Worry

What if my job fell
and the money tree fell too
how would we survive?

What if the sky fell
upon my head while I was
looking for answers?

What if today’s prayers
get delayed and don’t make it
will God realise?

What if I worry
and my doubts crowd out my faith
will God forgive me?

What if the result
draws me closer to God’s will
what will I do then?

Therefore I tell you do not worry about your life.
Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour
to your life? ~ Matthew 6: 25 – 27

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The sun rises in the morning sky
My shadows fall in behind,
Failure, isolation and regret
They follow me sometimes.

The sun reaches its peak way overhead
My shadows are so small,
They run in and out around me feet
And threaten to make me fall.

As the sun sets at day’s end
My shadows stretch long and thin,
They remind me of my darkened past
They threaten to draw me in.

But I choose to fix my eyes on You
And in Your light I find,
Your perfect love casts out my fear
My shadows fall far behind.

 There is no fear in love, as perfect love casts out fear.
~ 1 John 4:18 (a)

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Guard Your Heart

In my house
There are four rooms,
Each swept clean
With a new broom.

In each room
A fireplace glows,
It beats my heart
Fast then slow.

Like my house
My heart has room,
Its been swept clean
With God’s new broom.

In my heart
The Artist lives,
He creates my life
For me to live.

Above all else
I’ll guard my heart,
For He is the wellspring
Of my art.

Above all else, guard your heart,  for it is the wellspring of life.
~ Proverbs 4:23

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When my heart is breaking
I cry out to You my Lord,
Do you feel my anguish
As it cuts me like a sword?

When I pour out my heart to you
Does it weigh more or less?
Does it register on your scale
This misery of life’s mess.

In my words do you hear
The unspoken cries of my heart?
Those unheard whispers of my soul
That could tear my life apart.

I hear your heart, I know it well
I feel your pain today.
You know, I hear, a melody
As you cry to me and pray.

To me you are a tapestry
Your mess of life displayed.
The side you see is all tied up
With knots that have all frayed

If you could see the other side
Of how you look to me.
The painted landscape of your life
In vivid reality.

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In the beginning Your Spirit
Hovered over the earth,
The land formless and void
Your plan – it gave birth.

An ordered creation
Built in just seven days,
Designed from the blueprint
Of God’s DNA.

God created man
Then woman as well,
Both ate from the tree
Then the world went to hell.

Man then created his own gods
With the help of his mates,
All truly believed
They’d evolved from the apes.

Evolution – let’s recall
Is still only a theory,
So why draw conclusions
From those whom are hairy?

So from Amoeba to Man
In some wild chaotic dance?
Thank God that creation
Wasn’t left to such chance.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. (Genesis 1:1)

Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. (Genesis 2:7)

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Our God Reigns


How lovely are the mountains
At the feet of Him,
They bring good news,
Good news.

The mountains proclaim peace,
That passes all understanding.
They bring good news,
Good news.

The mountains announce salvation.
The steadfast love of God,
That endures forever
Our God reigns.

The majesty of the mountains
Have no equal in all creation.
The mountains speak to Zion
Our God reigns.

How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him
who brings good news,
Who announces peace and brings good news of happiness,
Who announces salvation, and says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”
Isaiah 52:7

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As I climb this ladder
I sense it’s time to stop.
Is it greed or ambition
That drives me to the top?

A snake slithers up to reach me
He whispers in my ear,
You know you want what’s at the top,
Trust me, it’s very near.

Should I listen to the snake
Will he take me down?
Am I half way up this ladder,
Or am I halfway down?

In this game of snakes and ladders
God help me keep awake,
Help me to remember
You can never trust the snake.

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Perfect my Faith

My faith is far from perfect
It really is quite small,
I have so many doubts
It’s hard to count them all.

Your book is full of wisdom
I read it now and then,
Sometimes I catch an eternal truth
But then let it go again.

If You wrote these words on my heart
Then help me understand,
The mysteries in Your book of life
To guide me through this land.

So set my feet upon Your path
And help me run the race,
Fix my eyes on You the author
And perfecter of my faith.

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,
fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith. 
~ Hebrews 12:1-2

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By Faith

By faith we hope for certain truth
Things that we do not see,
Jesus shift the veil from my eyes
And set my vision free.

You are my hope of glory
So let me seek you still,
Break and mould my heart today
Please bend me to Your will.

Let my love for them be kind
As people battle still,
And with my faith and hope in You
Please bend them to Your will.

 Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen;
 it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.
~ Hebrews 11:1

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What view do you need to see,
From your marble balcony?
Hill and trees, sun and shade,
A painted landscape that you have made.

Have you seen the other view,
From those who look up at you?
Is their world the same as yours,
Have you walked with them outdoors?

Through rose-coloured glasses what do you see,
Your picture-perfect reality?
Do you know where your blind spot lies,
Does it take you by surprise?

When you gaze out and drink your view,
Do you feel refreshed, renewed?
Does it fill you and make you whole
The view from the balcony of your soul?

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Brussels sprouts, boiled cabbage
And stringy runner beans
I’d gladly give them up you know
Strange, as it may surely seem

Black caviar and foie gras too?
That would take faith, no doubt
I can’t afford them anyway
So alright – I’ll go without

So for Lent this year I’ll give it all up
That will impress I’m sure
But wait – upon my heart I feel
A familiar knocking at the door

The Lent man comes (for the lent is due)
With his teeth of gold
I’ll take your car and wide-screen TV
The new one – not the old

You can give these up for Lent
You’ll never know they’re gone
And here’s a box of brussels sprouts
For you to chew upon.

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When heartache and trouble
Clamber like monkeys on your back
And your shoulders slump
With the weight of unexpected burden
May your long road rise to meet you
And clearly direct your path

When all hope seems lost
And your soul becomes dim
Behind your grey eyes that forget to sparkle
May a rainbow of bright thick colours
Splash over the canvas of your mind
And awaken you to choose life again

When you struggle on your own
With burdens too common to share
Because others have won medals
For burying their burdens
May you reach out
For we were always meant to
Share each others burdens

When someone pulls your thread
And you feel so unravelled
So tied up in knots and pulled apart
May you catch a glimpse of the other side of
Your tapestry of life
See it taking shape as a
Beautiful landscape

May these words dance around you
On a gentle warm breeze
May love surround you
And weave a cloak
Of hope and character
Around your life

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Shadows of Doubt

As I walk in this cave
The shadows dance on the wall
From Your light behind me
They grow narrow and tall

I stumble in this cave
Through the cobwebs I see
A shadow of my life
Far from Your reality

To turn to the light
Would take a mighty act of will
I’ll need Your living water
To swallow that pill

You reach for my hand
And with You I turn
To face Your pure radiance
I have so much to unlearn

You turn my world upside down
And my thoughts inside out
Let us walk out by faith
Through my shadows of doubt

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Anam Cara

My hope is my old friend
My soul extends to you
You love anchors me
To a faith I always knew

Anam Cara
Walk beside me
From here into the end
To where my soul finds rest
My new hope – my old soul friend

Walk with me by faith
When all hope seems lost today
When your churches crumble
This – with you I pray

Anam Cara
Walk beside me
From here into the end
To where my soul finds rest
My new hope – my old soul friend.

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The Game of Life

If all the world’s a stage
And the men and women merely players
Then – how do we play
And have we won or lost?

Who sets the game plan
And selects the teams?
Is it the luck of the draw
Or do we draw from something else?

In the game we call life
Who ends up destitute?
And who becomes the millionaire
Just by throwing the dice?

Whether life is a game or a production
Milton Bradley and Shakespeare
Would probably agree

That the game of life is
Never called off on
Account of darkness

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If I suffer from anything
It is having a God that is far too big
Too big to contain in my mind
Too big to describe with my words

Yet somehow –
God chose to live in my heart
And create life, light and things
I could never even have dreamt of

The same God who flung the
Stars into space – the Creator
Who holds the universe in the
Palm of His hand

Chose to live in my heart
And create

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Carry Me

Carry me away
Through your prayers,
Carry me away
Through your grief.

Carry me away
Through the carnage,
Carry me away
I want to meet with You.

Carry me away
This broken shell I cast aside,
Carry me away
My soul longs to embrace You.

Carry me away
Through the wreckage of my life,
Carry me away
So I may abide with You.

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The Avenue

In the avenue of my mind
An idea parked its car,
Got out and yawned
Then stretched its legs.

It walked past its white picket fence
Up the neatly trimmed garden path,
Unlocked the bright red door
And collected its clichés and junk mail.

The idea and its clichés went inside
Put its shopping bags down,
And decided it would be still
And think about itself.

It poured itself a cup of English Breakfast
And contemplated its original thought,
Where it came from, why it was here,
And if it had found what it was looking for.

With each sip of tea
The idea grew, filed its clichés,
And became a well-developed thought
With good intentions.

The thought went back outside
Locked the bright red door,
And ambled back down the path,
The path paved with good intentions.

The thought jumped in its car
And with tyres squealing,
Raced off back into the avenue
And lay down its rubber in my mind.

The thought left its tracks
In the avenue of my mind,
So that next time maybe
It might just drive action.

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On a pale blue dot
In a sunbeam of light,
Our tiny earth
Spins day into night.

Our dot is so small
In a universe so vast,
We think we’re immortal
Forever we’ll last.

We live and we die
In peace and through war,
We all exist on this dot
But do we love any more?

So who made this dot
And moved space through time,
To make the earth spin
On no more than a dime?

It’s so easy to forget
To remember it seems,
Our mote of dust
Suspended in a sunbeam.

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I sat too long
One day last week,
I thought to ask
But I forgot to seek.

The cobwebs grew
Within my mind,
I meant to look
But I felt so blind.

The chair felt old
Beneath my frame,
My bones grew weak
My body lame.

Then I felt you stir
Deep in my soul,
You fanned the flame
New life from old.

Out of myself
I stood up straight,
From that old chair
I couldn’t wait.

My chains fell off
My heart was free,
To rise, go forth
And follow thee.

God help me stand
And turn to You,
And in Your presence
May I live anew.

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The Mission

You asked me to go out
To speak Your word,
But where shall I go
And will I be heard.

Where is my mission
Where is my field,
Let me seek Your Spirit
So that I may yield.

Let me travel to Africa
And seek those who are poor,
Because no one around here,
Will hear me no more.

You need to stay
Just right where you are,
I placed you right here
Not away so far.

Look for my people
Because you always knew,
Those you will serve
Are right in front of you.

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If my mind is a tower of windows
That reaches toward the sky,
Why do I sit at the same one
And hope to wonder why.

If I stare out the same window,
And view the same scene each day,
Will it grow and shape my world,
Or will is set me in my ways?

Shall I step back and turn around
And find a different view,
Another window for my soul
To glance at vistas new.

Through different windows of my soul
I am no longer blind,
Complacency, habit and regret,
I leave them far behind.

So much hangs on my frame of vision
To build Your world, my view,
And with fresh eyes I see Your plan
Your way, Your life, Your truth.

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Your treasure is hidden
Away from my eyes,
If I just glimpsed at Your glory
I at once would be blind.

Your wise words are placed
Far away from my ears,
If I could just listen
In spite of my fears.

My mind can’t conceive
Of what You’ve prepared,
But my heart longs for You
Through all of my years.

Through the years
When we just drifted apart,
How my mind just forgot You
But not my weak heart.

Through the years
When I thought You had left me alone,
You knew I’d come back
Your prodigal son.

Spirit – search my heart
Open my eyes to see You,
Let me hear Your clear voice
And fill my mind with Your truth.

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Love Letter

When I was young
I learnt to write,
By joining my letters
From left to right.

As I joined them
With my thick black pen,
My stories took shape
Of mice and men.

Now I am older
I choose my words,
They fall on this page
As I rhyme this verse.

I use some words
And throw out a lot,
Shall I use this one?
Well – maybe not.

Who holds my pen
And guides my hand?
Do I need to seek first
To understand?

That I am but a small pen
In the hand of God above
Who needs to write to this world
His letter of love.

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If rainbows are visions
Then what do you see,
A palette of colour
To paint your reality?

If rainbows are illusions
Then what do you see,
A forgotten empty promise
That may never set you free?

If rainbows surround you
Then what will you see,
A clear miracle of hope
For you and for me?

If you believe in rainbows
As you  look to the sky of blue,
Do you dare to believe
What you hope for will come true?

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The Days of my Life

I walk with you alongside the quiet stream
And into the calm green fields.
You bring rest to my weary soul
And help me sleep.

My soul refreshed – you guide me
Along life’s darkest roads.
But I will fear nothing
For you are my travelling companion.

I kneel before you
You anoint me with Your Spirit,
In the presence of my enemies
You choose me.

My cup overflows with Your love
You are good when there’s nothing good in me,
All the days of my life You are with me
And I will dwell in Your house forever.

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From Both Sides

Sometimes you seem so far away
If I’d only turn and walk your way.
Then we’d be closer and I’d see
More of you and less of me.

I want to be so close to you
Forgot the old and make it new.
But I struggle day-to-day
Help me recall you’re the only way.

I’ve looked at you from both sides now
From my side I question where and how.
But from your side it must be so clear
You deep desire is to be so near.

I need to see your truth – your light
To chase away my darkest night.
From your love may I never hide
I run to you with arms so wide.

Show me the signs where you have gone
And I will follow right along.
Hold my hand and walk with me
From here into eternity.

I’ve looked at you from both sides now
From my side I question where and how.
But from your side it must be so clear
You deep desire is to be so near.

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The God Conclusion

Where does the wind come from
Is it far or near?
As it blows around us
Do we question why we’re here?

When we see a dark red rose
And marvel at its design?
Do we sense some order
In the chaos of our mind?

When the sun shines on our face
Why does it feel so warm?
Is it planned or random chance
That we’re in the human form?

So as the wind blows around us
When we smell the rose today,
And feel the sunshine warm our face
Let us thank God we’re made.

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The Choice

Compassion is a virtue
So I’ve heard some people say,
If it’s really so important
Then where is it today?

If I had more compassion
I’d probably think a whole lot more,
And consider what it might be like
To be so very poor.

The hungry children get to me
Those hungry pleading cries,
Do they see in me compassion,
Or just my hollow eyes?

I’ve seen the photos of the kids
In Myanmar  – at play,
Their caring eyes, their hungry hearts
When will they eat today?

Will I show compassion?
The choice is up to me
As none of them have choices
In such abject poverty.

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The Sailor

Your face outshines the brightest star
Your eyes search back and forth across the ocean
For the sailor on the stormy sea

Your voice rolls like roaring thunder
Your words crash like mighty waves
For the sailor on the stormy sea

Your arms hold back the raging waves
Your hand stops the spinning compass
For the sailor on the stormy sea

Your heart shines for me like a lighthouse
Your love draws me to the sheltered shore
For a sailor just like me

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I’ve decided I want to get intentional and blog more regularly. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog at least three times a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.


David Andrews @ Poetry in Motion

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Your Haiku

Sometimes it seems that
The mountain is just too high
Far too high to climb

Sometimes it feels that
The road is just far too long
Too long to travel

Sometimes I wonder
Can I get through one more day
With my own chutzpah

Then I turn to you
And I know who carries me
Gives strength to my frame

For you cut my words
And prune my winter right back
So my fruits are yours

For I can do all
Things through Christ who gives me strength
My haiku is yours

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Lead Me Back to You

Every path I follow
Leads me back to you,
Past lonely and forgotten weeds
Under cloudless skies of blue.

Don’t walk too far ahead of me
I might lose you in the clouds,
Your voice is too faint to hear
When it used to be so loud.

Don’t walk too far behind me
I may forget you’re there,
Like a distant faded memory
That once was crystal clear.

Just walk close beside me
And speak on my behalf,
For Your word is a lamp unto feet
And a light unto my path.

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Colour Your Heaven

If you asked me to paint my heaven,
I’d choose colours of red, yellow and blue,
And create a vast vivid landscape,
Of a place I somehow knew.

If you asked me to play my heaven,
I’d use the key of G.
With a minor fall, and a major lift,
To sustain life in harmony.

If you asked my to write my heaven,
I’d use words of depth and rhyme,
To draw you in to my Maker’s world,
Where space departs from time.

If you asked me to share my heaven,
I’d speak the greatest story ever told,
Of Jesus who died for me and you,
So we could walk the streets of gold. 

So what colour is your heaven?
What is the best musical key?
To write and paint your heaven,
For those who need to see?

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A Mustard Seed

How do you share your faith,
In a world that has gone deaf?
With people who march to the same drum,
I may as well be Brezhnev.

I don’t intend to be a pain,
I promise I won’t proselytize,
But perhaps that’s exactly what the world needs,
Instead of blatant compromise.

I’d be happy to keep my mustard seed,
In a small paper cup,
But then who’d move the mountains,
Well – me with any luck.

Because as my faith may be so weak,
And doubts, like autumn leaves, begin to swirl,
My God is bigger than my doubts,
So I’ll share Him with my world.

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Silence – the space between two sounds,
The gap before the response,
Of the response that never comes.

Silence – the difficult pause in life,
Between the greatest dream and a lack of concern,
Or even acknowledgement.

Silence –  my dreams like tear drops fell,
And echoed loudly in the large empty space,
Between sending and receiving.

Silence – hear my words reaching out to you,
Take my hand and I might teach you,
Of a God far bigger than your words.
Far bigger than your dreams and hopes,
And of a God that joins dots with a thick black pen,
Between time, space, and distance.

Silence – the sound is deafening,
Turn down the volume and listen to your God,
In the quiet of your soul,
And in the silence of your heart.

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The embers of my burning heart,
Glow softly in the night.
They flicker as the hours pass,
As darkness turns to light.

I read your words upon the page,
They ignite my heart once more.
Another day of salt and light,
And sowing seeds from your store.

A raging fire burns in my heart,
As I walk through a broken world,
How my soul aches – I pray your path,
To take me where you will.

My heart leaps – the flames grow high,
I found a searching soul.
We talked about my Jesus,
God please, please make him whole.

Help me to be the salt – the light,
So that others will somehow see.
My candle blowing in the wind,
And your love to set them free.

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Did you see the angel, with a rainbow in her hair?
She held a flower in her hand, did you see it there?

Did you sense the angel, looking right at you?
Do you have enough faith, to see her too?

And did you feel the angel hold you tight, with green ribbons in her hair?
She held you while you thought too much of troubles that were not even there.

Do you believe – in angels, do you sense them near?
Do you feel them holding you, when no one really cares?

Whether you believe or not, your angels still will care,
And whether your heart is open or shut
They still know you’re there.

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Your Word

Let me hear your words,
So that I might complete your work.
Help me speak them boldly to your people,
And reach those who need to hear.

For your words are living,
They give life to the walking wounded,
And speak direction to the lost.

Give me the words that will unlock their heart,
Help me find the one who needs to know,
Your love, your life, your mystery,
Help me shift their world.

For your words are living,
They breathe life into my soul.
Help me speak your presence,
And let you make me whole.

Let me live your word,
Change my heart today.
Transform my life and renew my mind
Let your truth set me free.

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The Question

Share with me your hurts,
And I will turn them into character.
Speak to me your worries,
And I will change them into hope.
Ask me that question you’ve been longing to,
And I will answer you – if you listen.

Be still for one moment and close your eyes.
Empty your mind for just one minute.
Do you feel me working in your heart?

Sit beside the one you love,
And I will heal their hurt.
Walk beside the one you love,
And I will ease their trouble.
Ask me that question –
And I will be your answer.

For your purpose defines your character,
Your life gives hope,
And in your question,
You will find the truth.

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The Beach

Down to the beach of golden sand,
I walked with a small stick,
The tide was out, the sun was low,
I knew I had to be quick.

I found a piece of untouched sand,
That the tide had washed so clean,
It glistened in the morning sun,
It sparkled and shimmered it seemed.

I used the stick and started to write.
Those heavy words that had held me back,
All the things that I had to let go,
My troubles, my worries, my lack.

Before too long I had filled that beach,
Down by the water’s edge,
I walked back to soak up the view,
Of all my words etched in black.

The sun rose up, the waves rushed in,
And covered my words that day,
God took my story of my sin,
And washed it all away.

The tide groaned out, the sun sank low,
And on that golden shore,
The sand was untouched by human hands,
The story of sin was no more.

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I climbed to the top of life’s lonely hill,
To see what lay beyond,
I hoped for people, places and sights,
For my eyes to wonder upon.

I felt the winds of isolation,
As I stood there and looked down,
I saw more desolate empty hills,
I felt so desperately alone.

The valleys were covered with rolling mist,
The air was thick with words,
I breathed them all into my aching heart,
And then this voice I heard:

I have been here before you,
And I’ll be here until your end,
If only you’ll believe in me
I’ll be your closest friend.

For you’ll often be all alone,
The world will just let your drown,
Your only hope is in me alone,
So look up at me – not down.

Let me fill your empty soul
With my fire, truth and light,
And let your shadows fall far behind you,
As I exile them to the night.

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Broken Hallelujah

You asked my if I loved you,
As if you already knew,
You always knew the question
To your answer didn’t you?

You asked me as if you needed proof,
Maybe I was just too aloof,
But you don’t understand my love,
Now – do you?

I wrote these words, I sung the song,
But you just kept walking right along,
Because you don’t really care for music,
Now – do you?

I do these things, I know they’re not much,
Perhaps my love is just out of touch.
But you can’t really feel my love,
Now – do you?

I write these words, you’ll never read,
My heart just aches, but you’ll never see
Because you don’t really know my heart,
Now – do you?

I spoke these words, I’ve told you so,
I’ve sung the songs, I love you so,
But you don’ t really care for my love,
Now – do you?

One day, you’ll see, I’ll set you free,
You’ll see my love upon that tree,
Maybe you realise my love for you,
Now – do you?

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I saw you walk right by me,
You didn’t think I knew,
I hoped that you’d stop by,
Just to say,”Hello there, how are you”?

You didn’t think I’d notice,
When I saw you standing there,
I had so much to tell you,
But now I’m not so sure you care.

You never really read my words,
And never played your part,
If you could only see this pen,
Scribbling down my heart.

One day you said those words,
That I’d hoped to hear,
You said them, but you lied them,
Your words were empty air.

You’ll sing the song, with words of grace,
And people will stop to see,
You’ll fool them all with your clever chords,
But you’re slightly out of key.

I’m still here and I’ll always care,
If you need someone to set you free,
Don’t run and hide – just swallow your pride,
Just try me – and you’ll see.

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You have carved my life
and shaped my soul,
You keep moulding me
to make me whole.

You complete me,
and make me feel.
like a walk in the rain,
You keep me real.

You create desire in me
and make me wait,
order my steps
before I innovate.

You are my beginning and my end,
the Alpha and Omega – my long life friend.

Destine my life
and determine my decision,
and through You –
help my live Your vision.

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Faith and Doubt

In a dusty corner of my mind,
There sits a rusty thought,
A recollection of a time gone by,
When my faith was filled with doubt.

My faith, I believe, has shaped my life,
These things that I hold true,
Of Jesus who died to save the world
His life – for me and you.

So why do I doubt when I pray to You?
That maybe You’re just not there,
Or maybe my prayer is just to small,
For my big God to hear.

I guess if I saw a miracle,
Then I’d have faith – no doubt,
But as I see miracles every day
It’s a sign I’d miss – no doubt.

If doubting Thomas was alive today,
I’m sure he’d fill me in
But I fear that other would say,
That his faith defined his sin.

My faith defines my life,
And in the end it matters not,
And if doubt is the price to pay,
Then Jesus paid for it on the cross.

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The Church

The church is one stagnation,
Its music is obscure.
It longs to heal the nation,
But it can’t find the cure.

The cross is forgotten silver,
Its steeple is too high
And the problems to its answers,
Will keep the church at night.

Perhaps church is not a building,
Maybe its walls are just our lives.
The good, the bad, the ugly,
And all we are to do is try.

To love God with every fibre of our heart,
To pray until we weep.
To worship with our searching soul,
Maybe then we’ll find what we seek.

Maybe in our eternal wandering,
We’ll reach the final goal.
And unity will bind us,
And God might make us whole.

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Sink or Swim

In paradox we learn to live,
and take our first breath,
in a world, that does not really care
if we sink or swim.

In between the now and the not yet,
I struggle to believe and understand,
a God who I cannot really see,
but who I recognise so clearly.

In these words of no use, I long to express
my love for you God.
If you do not read them, or if I do not speak them
will you know anyway?

On the edge of reason, in the waves of my mind
have I glimpsed heaven’s shore?
Where what I see as a dim light in the darkness
will become your house of light – one day.

Content my restless heart, and still my mind,
And use me through this cryptic paradox.
Help me to make my plan in my heart,
But wait for you to set my course.


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A Christmas Story

It came without ribbons. It came without tags.
It came without packages, boxes, or bags.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before.
Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…
He thought … means a little bit more.


And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say
that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.

– The Grinch by Dr Seuss


May you and the ones you love have a Great Grinchy Christmas
And just like the Grinch, may you re-discover
The true meaning of Christmas

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I held Your hand today.
And I felt you begin,
To heal my rejected heart.
And it’s all that I could do,
To wait for the healing.

I forgave you the other day.
And I let go of your grip,
Of all that consoled me,
For far too long.

In Your touch today,
I felt the years wind back.
You were the same yesterday and today.
And it’s all that I can do,
To wait for the healing.

Time disappeared, like a lifting fog,
The fresh wound and the old scar became one.
The warmth of Your hand,
Became Your refining fire.

In my hand today,
You placed a seed,
Of hope, of love, and of a place to stand.
And it’s all that I can do,
To wait for the healing.

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Cast Me

What are you doing Lord?
I have felt you strolling through my heart,
And scattering seeds in the desert of my soul.
When will you open the heavens and send the rain?

What are doing Lord?
I keep meeting people who have your heart,
Or am I just projecting my own heart.
Is this some part of a larger show that you are casting for.
When will you show us the preview?

What are you doing Lord?
I hear you speak, but I fail to listen,
I see you move, but I’ve blinked and missed you.
I sense your Spirit, but then I get distracted.
Turn my face, hold me still and whisper in my ear.

What are you doing Lord?
Do I need to understand to believe,
Or must I just believe to be understood?
Disengage my mind from my heart.

Whatever you are doing Lord
Keep on doing it
When my turn comes, let me be ready
When my part is needed
Cast me and I’ll go.

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Psalm of David

Oh Lord our Lord your name, is majestic in all the land
Your design and your craftmanship, are indeed a Master’s plan
And when I consider your creation, the earth you have made
You know I stand in awe O Mighty God, and praise your Holy Name

But who am I that You’re mindful of me
The Son of Man you died for me
Oh Lord I’m thankful, can’t you see
That I’m dying to do Your will

You crowned him with glory, made him ruler over all the earth
From the mountains into the valleys, Oh God your kingdom is worth
All the Love that you gave for us, there hanging on that tree
My God, you gave your Son for us, to die on Calvary

But who am I that You’re mindful of me
The Son of Man you died for me
Oh Lord I’m thankful, can’t you see
That I’m dying to do Your will

Oh Lord our Lord your name, is majestic in all the land
Your children sing your praises, with their uplifted hands
And when I consider your creation, the earth you have made
You know I stand in awe Oh Mighty God, and praise,  your Holy Name

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True North

Your grace is always enough,
in my endless wandering through my life.
Your compass shows me True North,
In your footprints I see how much You carry me.
Your word is a bright light to my path.

Your grace is always sufficient,
I am never without want.
You provide everything I could ever need,
My cup is always more than half full.
Your word is a lamp to my dusty feet.

Your grace is always beside me,
When I am fearful,
When I have lost my way.
When my aching heart is beating down the road,
You are there, walking with me through the valley of life.

Your grace is amazing,
I cannot begin to describe or explain,
Its depths or boundaries.
Just as I cannot explain the depths,
Of your universe or your boundless love for me.

So when my mind fails to comprehend,
and when my logic just cannot connect.
Help me to remember that Your grace,
is always sufficient for me.

Only by your grace I am saved,
and through your grace  – You give – 
definition and purpose to my life.

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Stars at night hang in the sky,
And plead with us to wonder why.
Our existence, and our role
Who we are, and are we whole.

Do we perceive our reality,
Or are we blinded by captivity.
Are they stars, or holes we see
Do they twinkle in harmony.

What is behind the stars we see,
The brightest light – something heavenly
Are stars really just pin pricks of light,
Penetrating the darkest night.

What do you see, and what don’t you hear
Are your stars far, or are they near
As the darkness draws you in –
Is it light, that blots out your sin

Just like Pythagoras, change my view
And help me to be light – like you.
To look for matter, and not for lack
To stay in light, not paint it black.

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Hope Within Your Dream

Did you see me soar right past you yesterday
I flew on golden wings through the wind and trees I played

Did you feel me brush right past you yesterday
I lifted your umbrella do you hear the words I say

Did your hear me rustle right around you yesterday
I kicked the leaves around your feet as you rushed right on your way

Did you hope within your dream as I warmed your face today
And did that hope land on your soul like tiny birds at play

So listen for my voice as you work and live and play
And let your soul take flight for that’s where I am today

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Today you showed me a vision
A flicker of hope in my strife
A moment of truth and beauty
Of your plan for the rest of my life

Today I sensed you draw closer
And you breathed a word in my ear
A moment of truth and beauty
And a clear direction to steer

Today I spent time with your people
They showed me your life to live
A moment of truth and beauty
An assurance of my gifts to give

Today I rediscovered my passion
For words written and spoken in love
A moment of truth and beauty
Intervention logic from above

Today brand these gifts on my heart
And set fire to them in my soul
Help me with moments of truth and beauty
And when you call me – let me go.

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Salt and light

Yesterday, you were my God
I saw you, in the eyes of a stranger
I heard you, in their indignation
And I felt you, in their sorrow
And I did nothing

Today, you are my God
I saw you, growing my garden
I heard you rustling through the trees
And I felt your warmth, on my face
And I smiled

Tomorrow, you’ll still be my God
I will see you, if I dare to look
I will hear you, if I am still
And I will feel you, working within my heart

For you are the same God
Yesterday, today, and forever
Help me to be salt, to those who need to taste
And light, to those who are lost in their own darkness
And compel me to act, today.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8

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Interruptible you are,
When you’re working from our home.
You now need to speak with me,
On the end of my plastic phone.

Interruptible you are,
When you’re tapping on your PC.
You need to push me on my bike,
With my wobbly wheels of three.

Interruptible you are,
When you’re working our your rhyme.
You need to feed me lunch,
And Yes, it may take some time.

Interruptible you are,
When you’re frowning at your screen.
I’m only five today,
But soon I’ll be nineteen.

Interruptible you are,
Have you worked your hours of ten?
How about a game of golf?
I’ll let you win again.

Interruptible I am,
Now I’m working from my home.
And my own five-year old needs to speak with me,
On the end of his plastic phone.

Interupt –

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I have drunk from,
Your chalice of indifference.
I have eaten far too much bread,
From the yeast of your Pharisees.

I have shut my eyes,
To block out your religious posturing.
I have stilled my heart,
To quiet your religious fervour.

For to me, Your wine,
Becomes the Blood, that flowed
Down Your face.
As You wept for me in the garden.

And to me, Your bread,
Becomes Your Body, that broke
On the cross at that final moment.
When darkness covered the earth.

It is so, much more to me,
Than religion and ritual.
When you breathe life into my soul,
And give strength, to my weak heart.

I am compelled, to run from this place.
My soul beats its wings, as I feel Your presence.
But Your Blood flowed for me,
To content my wild heart.

So, to a world – that I long  to change,
And to a nation – for which I weep.
May Your blood and body,
Transform, my aching heart.

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Only Words

These may just seem,
Like words on a page.
Ink firmly pressed down,
Yet flowing like my life.

This may just seem,
Like an ordinary poem.
With not much to say,
Yet it begins and ends with words.

Words cut deep,
Like a knife through melting butter.
Words spread far too thin,
Like not quite enough lemon icing on a cake.

My words are carefully crafted and contained
Like a potter creating a fine porcelain vase.
Yet in a moment, they can shatter, into a thousand letters,
On the cold hard stone floor of your indifference.

My words, describe my life.
My journey, on the road of faith.
Tread carefully on my words,
For you are also walking on my dreams.

Your words,
Describe your response.
Your reflection, brings life,
To my dreams.

Some say my words are profound,
But still they hide in this poem.
Because you did not read them,
Like you said you would.

I hope this poem escapes,
 Gets set free and travels.
For it contains words, that we can all speak.
And commas, where we can take breath.

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Inside Out

From the outside in,
It looks like you have it all,
Success and good fortune.
From the inside out,
I’m turning your success, into contribution
And your fortune, into service.

From the outside in,
You sound confident and self-assured.
From the inside out,  
I’m working on your lack of self belief,
And focussing you on believing in me.

From the outside in,
You have the respect and trust of your peers.
From the inside out,
I’m working on your rejection and lonely times,
And creating a place for you to belong.

From the outside in,
Your mind is sharp as a tack.
From the inside out,
I’m softening the edges.
And asking you to be kind and compassionate.

From the outside in,
You feel your heart is changing,
And you struggle to explain it.
From the inside out,
All I’m asking is for you to trust and obey
For you have my heart of change.

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Two Rivers

The river runs
Its course flows true,
It gave its life
For me – for you.

From snow capped peaks
It began to flow,
Through different valleys
Divided as it grows.

One life is birthed
Through a gentle pool
The other
Over raging waterfalls

Twin rivers speed
Toward their goal,
Seeking each other
To make them whole.

The rivers meet
Around a bend,
Two lost souls
At last are friends.

They somehow knew
They’d meet again
A knowing look
At Journeys End

The rivers run
Their course ran true,
Back into the life
That made me and you.

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To inspire others,
You need to be inspired.
To enrich lives,
You need to be enriched.

To live,
You need to feel alive.
To be loved,
You need to love – with all your soul.

To be significant
You need an opportunity.
To make a difference,
You need to find cause.

To write poetry,
You need something to say.
To share it with others,
You need trust.

To change, you need
To be the change.

For anything else,
Just be yourself.

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Self Belief

See the lines on my face,
Each one has its own story.
Of an opportunity missed,
Of a bitter rejection,
And of a hurt not healed.

Hold my gaze long enough,
And you may see,
The pain of my limited self-belief.
Of a mind that understands,
And of a heart, that refuses to trust.

Take my hand,
And you will feel,
The grip of my soul.
Those things I need to grab hold of,
And those that I just can’t let go.

Listen to the words I don’t say,
And read between the lines.
And you will hear the story,
Of a man desperately, trying
To work out his faith.
In a world full of paradox.

Take time to walk beside me,
Even just for a few steps.
And you may just catch a glimpse of my heaven
Will you guide me on my way?
For we are all travellers on
The same road.

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me, what
i believe, and
you will receive the
wonderful story of a man
who died for me, and you 

from me
my story, and
you will find what
you have been looking for,
because you’re still searching for it

on my
door, and I
will invite you in,
and pray God speaks the
greatest story ever told, to you

everyone who
asks receives, the
one who seeks finds,
and to the one who
knocks, the door will be opened.

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How can I begin, to
 describe you, and
 your character


With what can I
compare the depths,
 of your

You are indescribable, and
my words, will
never be

Never enough, to describe
your sacrifice of
love, at

Never enough, to understand
your compassionate heart
for the

Never enough, to comprehend
why you transformed
my heart,

Indescribable, but my heart
will always know,
you, are my

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Waiting on You

You made me and know me well,
And placed your desire, in my heart
Your answers, are far bigger than my problems
And your plan, is longer than my steps
So I’m waiting on you

You, look after all the birds of the air
How much more do you care for us,
Your compassion is deeper, than my suffering
And your kindness is wider, than my smile
So I’m waiting on you

You, created the endless universe
And flung the stars into space,
Your flawless design and care
Is so much more likely, than random chance
So I’m waiting on you

I long, to run out and do your will
Or even just try, but I’m tired
Where do I start, and where am I placed
So I’m waiting on you

You said, that those that wait on you
Will renew their strength,
And rise, on wings like eagles
Run, and not grow tired
So I’m waiting on you

Help me, to draw closer to you
Help me, to hear your voice
Help me, not to miss your calling on my life
Help me, to trust you
Help me, to wait on you

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Change of Heart

Break my hardened heart Lord,
Cut through, my callousness
My greed and indifference.
And let my heart beat – for you

Stop my heart Lord,
Make me still, in your presence
Cut off the busy flow, of life
And let my heart beat – for you

Cleanse my heart Lord,
Drain me, of my own purpose
And fill me, with your Holy Desire
And let my heart beat – for you

Write on my heart Lord,
Plot my course,
And order my steps,
And let my heart beat –  for you

Posture my heart Lord,
Make it ready for you,
Mould me, to your design
And let my heart beat –  for you

Fill my heart Lord,
Ignite your passion, in my soul
And burn, your Flame of Desire
And let my heart beat – for you

Quiet my heart Lord,
Let me listen for you,
In the quiet of my soul,
And let me hear your heart – beat

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Light is dark by the masks we wear
Our soul forgets to shine,
The eyes that were so deeply blue
Are forgotten with the time.

The sad mask we wear it keeps us sad
No happiness can bloom,
How easily we forget to smile and play
Are we really lost so soon,

The happy mask we wear at play
Keeps its distance from the rest,
But should we really be so happy
When so many have so less.

The half mask lights our darkened past
And proudly shows the world,
Of hope and courage, faith and love
And of a life unfurled.

The unmasked are truly free
To express themselves alone,
And shining still their star lives on
In work, at play, at home.

Your deepest fear in the masks you wear
Is that others may finally see,
The Light of the Morning Star
As your life it shines to me.

From You I’ve learnt to shed my masks
And face my fears head on,
And unknown what the future holds
I know I’m not alone.

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Need to Know

You really need to know
How an act of compassion,
At a perfect time
Can turn a life around.
From darkness, to light

You really need to know
That through you,
I had an encounter with God,
That was so real and so powerful
That it broke my hardened heart

You really need to know
That God works through you,
In a way, that you may not realise
But perhaps you need reminding,
That he does

You really need to know, how
The impact of your words,
Your kindness and compassion,
Your selfless care, allowed God to
Speak into my captured soul, and set it free

You really need to know
How I need you to know this.
And how I’d just like to tell you,
And how, I wish I could
But all I can say is – thank you

You really need to know this
So I wrote it all down,
They are, only words on paper
And maybe somehow,
God uses them to speak to you.
Because you really need to know.

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