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The sleepy seaside town of Bluff, 20 minutes drive from Invercargill, New Zealand, is the oldest European town in New Zealand. Bluff is renowned for the world-famous Bluff oysters, a much sought after delicacy, which were first commercially caught in the late 1870s.  Bluff has long summer days with friendly locals and a warm atmosphere.

Bluff is set at the base of Bluff Hill, with an excellent harbour and a rich history of whaling, sealing and shipping. Captain William Stirling purchased and cultivated the land around Stirling Point (where it got its name) to service whaling bases.

I visited Bluff a couple of weeks ago and found this memorial to William Stirling:

img_1740 (4)

I had probably read this Psalm before, however it seemed to hold a special place in the context of the wild oceans of Bluff.

May you this week remember that Jesus rides in the boat with you through the storms of life. May you find grace and peace in these words today.

Thunder of the ocean

As waves break over my head
Where the storm breaks my will
There remains an enduring hope
The anchor to my soul

Storms will come and go
I wonder how many more
Will it take to know that you
Are always in the boat with me

Mightier than the
Thunder of the great ocean
Mightier than the
Breakers of the sea
The Lord on high is mighty

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