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We are always looking for the latest new thing.  We have a creative streak in us that longs, searches for, and appreciates the new. We are convinced that old things can be done in a better way. As Henry Ford once said, “There is always a better way, your job is to find it”.

Horses and wagons have been upgraded to cars, we have email and Facebook Instant Messenger now, instead of letters. The world we find ourselves in is shaped and formed by new ideas, new inventions and new people. The pace of innovation can be exhausting and can leave us feeling that something important and elusive is missing. We sense that there is something or someone leading us down a path that we really never knew were we walking on.

Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.
– Jeremiah 6:16

The ancient path has been known from the beginning of time, and it hasn’t changed. God’s fathering of men and women has not changed – from the Old Testament Law to New Testament Grace to the future time when He will reign on earth. God’s plan for us has never changed, and neither has the way in which we should walk.


Too often we find ourselves looking for ‘new ideas’ or ‘fresh ideas’ in Christianity, to boost our appeal, or to make it more interesting, or just to satisfy our own thirst for change. But God isn’t interested in what’s ‘interesting’, ‘cool’, ‘exciting’, ‘politically correct’ or ‘modern’. He is interested in what is right and good. So, rather than following new and interesting ways, let us ‘ask for the old paths, where the good way is’.

May you, my brothers and sisters, stand still. Notice the winds around you, the paths set ahead of you.  Will you ask directions?  Will you listen to the voice you know and walk the ancient path?  The path will hold the answers to your deep questions.  Our invitation is to walk in this way.  Peace and grace to you.

The Ancient Path

Stand at the crossroads
Notice how the four winds blow
Brace yourself for what lies ahead
Feel the storm within your soul

Ask for the ancient path ahead
Where wise men before you go
Hear their whispers on the wind
Yet listen only to the voice you know

Choose the good yet narrow way
May the journey make you whole
You will find the answers that you seek
In the rest within your soul


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