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I Wonder

My friend and mentor Andrew Norton passed away last week aged 61 years.

Andrew was a preacher, priest, prophet, photographer and poet, who embraced life, faith, family, friends and work with keen perception and vigorous passion.

He leaves us all with an amazing legacy. No word, not even poetry can describe how thankful I was to have him in my life and how much I will miss him.

I had one last coffee with him in Auckland in April this year.  We had been meaning to catch up for sometime, and I am so glad we met this one last time.  I remember my conversation with Andrew – his intense listening, his comfort with long silences, and how he always answered my questions with more questions.  He thanked me for making the effort to catch up and how my perseverance had meant we were able to meet one last time.  He told me how he had paused recently to take a photo of a magnolia flower and then just spent some time noticing the design of the magnolia.


Last Friday I attended the celebration of his life. His family described his passing in a way that was so unique to his life and calling:

Our mighty Totara has today fallen into the arms of the Great I Am

The Totara is a native NZ tree, and my friend Andrew was as mighty and present as a great tree.

While Andrew was suffering with cancer he wrote a short book on his reflection on the grace and gift of dying. His family gave us each a copy of the book – Turn to Wonder, as his final gift to us. 

Arohanui and farewell, for now, Andrew – my friend and mentor.

In response to his well lived life I wrote this poem for him:

I Wonder

When the weight
Of the world
Fills too much of my head
I turn to Wonder

When my head is
Too full of worries
Doubled by fear
I turn to Wonder

When my friend I
Had our last coffee with
Is no longer with us
I turn to Wonder

For in Wonder I see
A new Heaven and Earth
That empties my worries
And fears of the future

For in Wonder I will
See my friend again
And we will trade answers
To his great questions

Of life and death
Of loss and gain
Of solemnity and grace
Of Awe and Wonder

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Hi everyone

Over the next little while I’ll be showcasing some fine New Zealand poetry and photography from Andrew Norton.

Andrew is a poet and photographer and works as the denominational leader (moderator) for the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. Andrew also is an executive coach and Wilderness Retreats facilitator.
See www.executivewildernessretreats.com

Andrew is married to Sue with four adult children.

His publications include:

Finding Cadence 2010  @blurb.com – Collected poems (it’s a great coffee table book – you can view it at and purchase a copy from the link above).

Co Author Elizabeth Smythe and Andrew Norton Thinking as Leadership / Leadership as thinking, Leadership Journal  Sage Publications February 2007 Co Author Elizabeth Smythe and Andrew Norton Leadership: Wisdom in Action, Indo – Pacific Journal of Phenomenology, May 2011

Here’s the first poem from the pen of Andrew Norton. I hope you enjoy it!





At the end of the road
a dirt track zig zags up the mountain
into the clouds of unknowing.
To be here you must leave there
(wherever “there” is),
defying the gravity of you own importance,
the unfaithful way this busy world offers itself to you
and the blindness of a life without a horizon.

As reception fades to one intermittent bar,
contact with the outside world is all but
leaving you
in this wide sky
to a wider conversation
worthy of the landscape of your soul.

Shy shadows come out from their corners,
ears hear a silence splinter granite rocks;
the lies and excuses you’ve told yourself,
and eyes are renewed by a soft gaze
as outlines become clear.
In this place,
words are surrendered to the wind,
to the arriving of your breath.


Copyright: Andrew Norton 2016

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