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The embers of my burning heart,
Glow softly in the night.
They flicker as the hours pass,
As darkness turns to light.

I read your words upon the page,
They ignite my heart once more.
Another day of salt and light,
And sowing seeds from your store.

A raging fire burns in my heart,
As I walk through a broken world,
How my soul aches – I pray your path,
To take me where you will.

My heart leaps – the flames grow high,
I found a searching soul.
We talked about my Jesus,
God please, please make him whole.

Help me to be the salt – the light,
So that others will somehow see.
My candle blowing in the wind,
And your love to set them free.

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Cast Me

What are you doing Lord?
I have felt you strolling through my heart,
And scattering seeds in the desert of my soul.
When will you open the heavens and send the rain?

What are doing Lord?
I keep meeting people who have your heart,
Or am I just projecting my own heart.
Is this some part of a larger show that you are casting for.
When will you show us the preview?

What are you doing Lord?
I hear you speak, but I fail to listen,
I see you move, but I’ve blinked and missed you.
I sense your Spirit, but then I get distracted.
Turn my face, hold me still and whisper in my ear.

What are you doing Lord?
Do I need to understand to believe,
Or must I just believe to be understood?
Disengage my mind from my heart.

Whatever you are doing Lord
Keep on doing it
When my turn comes, let me be ready
When my part is needed
Cast me and I’ll go.

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