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The Sailor

Your face outshines the brightest star
Your eyes search back and forth across the ocean
For the sailor on the stormy sea

Your voice rolls like roaring thunder
Your words crash like mighty waves
For the sailor on the stormy sea

Your arms hold back the raging waves
Your hand stops the spinning compass
For the sailor on the stormy sea

Your heart shines for me like a lighthouse
Your love draws me to the sheltered shore
For a sailor just like me

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Lead Me Back to You

Every path I follow
Leads me back to you,
Past lonely and forgotten weeds
Under cloudless skies of blue.

Don’t walk too far ahead of me
I might lose you in the clouds,
Your voice is too faint to hear
When it used to be so loud.

Don’t walk too far behind me
I may forget you’re there,
Like a distant faded memory
That once was crystal clear.

Just walk close beside me
And speak on my behalf,
For Your word is a lamp unto feet
And a light unto my path.

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Colour Your Heaven

If you asked me to paint my heaven,
I’d choose colours of red, yellow and blue,
And create a vast vivid landscape,
Of a place I somehow knew.

If you asked me to play my heaven,
I’d use the key of G.
With a minor fall, and a major lift,
To sustain life in harmony.

If you asked my to write my heaven,
I’d use words of depth and rhyme,
To draw you in to my Maker’s world,
Where space departs from time.

If you asked me to share my heaven,
I’d speak the greatest story ever told,
Of Jesus who died for me and you,
So we could walk the streets of gold. 

So what colour is your heaven?
What is the best musical key?
To write and paint your heaven,
For those who need to see?

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Cast Me

What are you doing Lord?
I have felt you strolling through my heart,
And scattering seeds in the desert of my soul.
When will you open the heavens and send the rain?

What are doing Lord?
I keep meeting people who have your heart,
Or am I just projecting my own heart.
Is this some part of a larger show that you are casting for.
When will you show us the preview?

What are you doing Lord?
I hear you speak, but I fail to listen,
I see you move, but I’ve blinked and missed you.
I sense your Spirit, but then I get distracted.
Turn my face, hold me still and whisper in my ear.

What are you doing Lord?
Do I need to understand to believe,
Or must I just believe to be understood?
Disengage my mind from my heart.

Whatever you are doing Lord
Keep on doing it
When my turn comes, let me be ready
When my part is needed
Cast me and I’ll go.

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Salt and light

Yesterday, you were my God
I saw you, in the eyes of a stranger
I heard you, in their indignation
And I felt you, in their sorrow
And I did nothing

Today, you are my God
I saw you, growing my garden
I heard you rustling through the trees
And I felt your warmth, on my face
And I smiled

Tomorrow, you’ll still be my God
I will see you, if I dare to look
I will hear you, if I am still
And I will feel you, working within my heart

For you are the same God
Yesterday, today, and forever
Help me to be salt, to those who need to taste
And light, to those who are lost in their own darkness
And compel me to act, today.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8

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