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If you haven’t noticed that Rob Gray and I have just published a new book – Coming Home then my social marketing skills are not as good as I think.

Here’s a bit of an introduction about what we’ve been up to.  To the right of this post you should be able to see a link to our book which you can preview and then purchase if it grabs you.

This book has come from meditating on one of Jesus’ parable – the tale of two sons. As a pastor my friend Rob has preached from this parable many times. Rob and I shared from it at an Easter Camp for youth a few years ago. We are forming a retreat based on it. More than that though, it has become a story that we can’t shake. It has grabbed us, captured and captivated us and speaking for myself, transformed my spirituality, my faith and my life.

It is the story commonly, but incompletely, known as the Parable of the Prodigal Son, found in Luke 15:11-32.

Here’s a link to a video FB version of the story:

The premise of our book – Coming Home is that there is a gift that all our hearts need and that gift is freely available. It is the gift of unconditional love from our Father to us, his sons and daughters. This is not a gift from our earthly fathers. That would be something that even the best dads simply can’t deliver often enough, consistently enough or freely enough despite the best of intentions. Of course, many dads fall short of even that standard. No, this gift can come from only one source.

Jesus called this source, Father, and, at times, Abba, meaning ‘daddy’ or ‘papa’. It’s a strikingly intimate term. We also note that Jesus, by and large, didn’t engage in heavy theological or philosophical argument. Instead he told stories which we call parables. These stories had a certain flavour. I’ve done a bit of travelling and when you’re a stranger in a strange land you find yourself telling stories of home. Jesus was no different. He told us what his home, the kingdom of God, was like. He told us about his Father and the special relationship he had with him.  There was one difference with Jesus’ stories though. He was telling us that his home was our true home and his Father was our true Father. He was inviting us to come home and that home was coming.

Enjoy the book!  If you like it leave a review.

Grace and Peace


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A few years back I entered the world of Twitter. As I’m sure you all know it is a world where you ‘follow’ other people and are yourself ‘followed’. Twitter was launched in July 2006. It now has over 500 million active users. I’m not an avid follower but I do use it as a push marketing tool.

Justin Bieber now has over 36 million followers worldwide. Many other celebrities also have huge followings. People follow their lives, words, and lifestyle. They want to know all about them, they want to interact with them and they want to be like them. They imitate them. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. It is natural to want to follow those we admire. Following celebrities on Twitter can be fun or even enlightening.

However, following people on Twitter is one thing; being a true follower of someone is quite another. It means imitating their lives and doing what they do. We need to choose the right people to follow. Unlike with Twitter, it really does matter whom we follow. Millions, for example, followed Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. Still today, millions follow evil dictators, terrorists and gang leaders.



Jesus said many times, ‘Follow me’. Of all the people who have ever lived, Jesus has the largest number of followers. Over 2,300 million people in the world today profess to follow Jesus. Jesus’ followers want to know him and to be like him.

Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.
~ Luke 9:23

May you, my brothers and sisters, know the one who calls you to follow. May you walk in His steps, as He leads you into all your tomorrows. May you drop your baggage and whatever causes you to stumble, and follow Jesus.

Follow Me

Carrying too many burdens?
Feeling far from free?
Leave it all behind
Come and follow me

Loaded up with baggage?
Bearing loads too heavy?
Leave it all behind
Come and follow me

Lost and yet to be found?
Too blind to really see?
Leave it all behind
Come and follow me

Crippled with the past?
I can set you free
Leave it all behind
Come and follow me

Let it go then hold on
To the things that set you free
Come alive and come home
Come and follow me

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