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I climbed to the top of life’s lonely hill,
To see what lay beyond,
I hoped for people, places and sights,
For my eyes to wonder upon.

I felt the winds of isolation,
As I stood there and looked down,
I saw more desolate empty hills,
I felt so desperately alone.

The valleys were covered with rolling mist,
The air was thick with words,
I breathed them all into my aching heart,
And then this voice I heard:

I have been here before you,
And I’ll be here until your end,
If only you’ll believe in me
I’ll be your closest friend.

For you’ll often be all alone,
The world will just let your drown,
Your only hope is in me alone,
So look up at me – not down.

Let me fill your empty soul
With my fire, truth and light,
And let your shadows fall far behind you,
As I exile them to the night.

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