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That we even need to explain how beauty is so absolutely essential to God only shows how dull we have grown to him, to the world in which we live, and to the natural beauty that God has created at every corner of the earth. Far too many years of our own lives are lived with barely a nod to beauty, to the central role that beauty plays in the life of God, and in our own lives. How could we have missed this?

Beauty is essential to God. No—that’s not putting it strongly enough. Beauty is the essence of God.

The first way we know this is through nature, the world God has given us. Scripture says that the created world is filled with the glory of God (Isa. 6:3). In what way? Primarily through its beauty.


Have you ever noticed how each sunrise and sunset is so different to the last – it’s intentional. God is speaking and shouting to us – notice this, notice me, notice you and me. Where did we learn not to notice, not to see, and not to dwell in beauty.

I have a hazy recollection of some lines to a song that speaks of this beauty. It’s a distant memory but describes beauty for what it is.

I walked today where Jesus walked
His footsteps led me on
And it dawned on me that He still walks
To guide us wherever we are
The wonder of the world He made
The Beauty of his Love

The earth is brimming with beauty, beauty of such magnificence and variety and unembarrassed lavishness, ripe beauty, lush beauty, beauty given to us with such generosity and abundance it is almost scandalous.

Nature is not primarily functional. It is primarily beautiful. Stop for a moment and let that sink in. We’re so used to evaluating everything (and everyone) by their usefulness, this thought will take a minute or two to dawn on us.

Beauty is in and of itself a great and glorious good, something we need in large and daily doses (for our God has seen fit to arrange for this). Nature at the height of its glory shouts, Beauty is essential! revealing that Beauty is the essence of God. The whole world is full of his glory.


Last weekend I went mountain biking around a couple of coastal lakes in Wellington. The day was overcast and there was something sacred and spiritual about how the light reflected the beauty that was all around. That day I experienced beauty and God reminded me that He created it for us, in us and through us. Something shifted in my soul that day. It was if God had given me a double dose of abundant beauty that exceeded all I hadn’t even hoped for.

May you this week glimpse beauty and may it arrest your soul. May beauty speak to you of the relentless and extravagant love of God. May you know what in means to lay down in pastures green and rest. May you rescue some of this beauty for yourself.

The Beauty of His Love

From twin mountain peaks
To the green valley below
Your beauty flows
Like the braided river

Your laughter echoes
Around the valleys and
Slowly thaws my cold heart
As the sun breaks through the clouds

Sharing this adventure with you
Reminds me that I have
Beauty and wonder to rescue
In my battle to fight

How sacred and sure
How pure and radiant
Your beauty shines
And lights the way
Softly like a lamp
And then
Gloriously as flung
From a lighthouse

I’ll write about it here
But these words are
Just juxtaposed
Thoughts and hopes
Dreams and reality
Faith and facts
Lost opportunities
That have cost me much

There are no words
No words to tell you these
Feelings betrayed by duty
No words to express
This unrequited love
No words to express gratitude
For being present here with you
As I build my castles in the air
With no windows
And the walls grow
Even higher

You may never know
How this moment etched in time
Left such an indelible mark
That my soul shifted
But then maybe you do know

So for today and tomorrow
I will treasure this memory
Of twin mountain peaks
Graced white with snow
And what it really means
To lay down in pastures green

So while the trees of the field
Clap their hands

All I can ever wish and hope
Is that maybe you
For even a moment
Read between these lines
Feel the rescue within
The beauty
You have


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In the beginning Your Spirit
Hovered over the earth,
The land formless and void
Your plan – it gave birth.

An ordered creation
Built in just seven days,
Designed from the blueprint
Of God’s DNA.

God created man
Then woman as well,
Both ate from the tree
Then the world went to hell.

Man then created his own gods
With the help of his mates,
All truly believed
They’d evolved from the apes.

Evolution – let’s recall
Is still only a theory,
So why draw conclusions
From those whom are hairy?

So from Amoeba to Man
In some wild chaotic dance?
Thank God that creation
Wasn’t left to such chance.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. (Genesis 1:1)

Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. (Genesis 2:7)

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