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Lord of the Dance

I’m going to step right outside my comfort zone and write about something you may not expect I’d write about – dance. Yes, that’s right, dance.   Luckily for you, I know a bit about dance (a little bit). 

Believe or not I once had Rock and Roll dance lessons, I actually became quite good on the dancefloor.  It’s really easy for a man to be good at Rock and Roll dancing, it’s a simple box step and that’s it. A friend of mine, let’s call him Tony, as that is his name, had a real problem with the box step and had to go to a special box step class to catch up.  He got it eventually.

Life is a lot like dancing.  You grow up watching and learning, then you practice it, then you get quite good at it.  Sometimes you fall over and then have to pick yourself up and start dancing again, or maybe even learn  a new dance.  It’s all very fluid, creative, and there are generally no rules. 

Jesus also danced upon this earth. His life has been compared to a dance in the hymn Lord of the Dance, written by English songwriter Sydney Carter in 1967.

Dance then wherever you may be
For I am the Lord of the dance, said He
And I’ll lead you on, whenever you may be
And I’ll lead you all in the dance, said He.

When I get to heaven I think I’d like to dance for Jesus.  Just like Mercy Me in their song Imagine,  I can only imagine what that would be like. 

So, if life is a dance ,what type of dance are you doing right now?  A slow waltz, a fast jig, a crazy hip-hop, or maybe a belly-dance?  Spend some time today thinking about your dance. Here’s my reflection on dance.

Lord of the Dance

I have no idea
What my eyes will see
When I stand in your presence
When you cast your eyes on me

Will I dance for you Jesus
As my heart and soul are free
Will I lose myself in you
For all eternity

Will I hear you speak
As my questions all run out
You will be my answer
As you chase away my doubt

Will I dance for you Jesus
As my heart and soul are free
Will I lose myself in you
For all eternity

Will I will fall at you feet
As you love flows over me
At last we’ll be together
For all eternity

Finally, here’s a great version I found of  The Lord of the Dance – be inspired!

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