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I’m not very good with criticism or ‘constructive feedback’. I’ve noticed that I may hear nine really good things, but it’s the one critical comment that will eat away at my soul. I usually tell myself that it’s really nothing, that “you just have to laugh about it,” and that those small paper cuts really don’t hurt. But they do.

Over time, these small afflictions or wounds build up and we experience “death by paper cuts.”

So what is the solution – not the band-aid solution, but the real solution – forgiveness.

Rob Bell, author of What We Talk About When We Talk About God says that we are called to forgive by going through three steps:

1. Name it. We shouldn’t just ignore it or minimize it. By naming why we are hurt we can disarm the wound’s secret control over us.

2. Accept it. Realize that you are hurt and don’t throw the pain back or nurse it secretly on the side.

3. Absorb it. This is the most painful part – what Tim Keller equates with a form of death. It’s really awful to absorb the wrongs others have done to you, but on the other side of that death is new life; resurrection that will empower you to love more like Christ.

The cross says the pain stops here. The way of the cross is a way of absorbing pain, not passing it on, a way that transforms pain from destructive impulse into creative power. When Jesus accepted the cross, his death opened up a way for the redeeming power of love ~ Parker Palmer

May you this week, come to realise that death by paper cuts can lead to new abundant life and a new hope. When you suffer from the paper cuts of life remember that there is One who has suffered before. May you come to know that forgiveness of others brings healing to you.

Death by Paper CutsDesperation

Another GroundHog day
Undigested dreams in my gut
Will I survive another day of
Death by paper cuts

I’m careful with my words
Use Howevers, not buts
But some people breath
Death by paper cuts

They won’t stop you cold
No sledgehammer and nuts
But if they surround you’ll suffer
Death by paper cuts

Heaven would be such relief
From all earthy doors slammed shut
But look for the resurrection after
Death by paper cuts

The created cosmic pattern
When life is your rut
Seek the abundant life after
Death by paper cuts

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