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When we hear the word holiness, it probably leaves a religiously strict residue in our minds, mainly because of some idea around holiness being connected to behaviour management. We think of obeying certain rules that consist of ’Do this and don’t do this.’ And, of course, the work of the Spirit of God does bring about change in behaviour.

But this is only seen from the surface.

There is something deeper.

Holiness and wholeness are connected. To become holy is to become whole, as God intended and created us to be. And to be made whole comes through healing, healing deep within.

Think of physical healing. If you are healed of a sickness or disease, a broken or disfigured limb, what is taking place is our restoration to wholeness. The same is true within, in the heart, in the soul. Sin, theologians tell us, consists of ‘missing the mark’. So, to be made whole allows us to not miss that mark, or more importantly, to live as God intended humans to live.

I think this is a helpful approach to understanding holiness. Yes, we are broken and sinful. Yes, we need healing into wholeness that we might be holy. And as this deeper work takes place, the surface behaviour will also be transformed.

Take the things you struggle with and ask yourself, “What would life be like if I never struggled with this again?”

It would be an utter relief. An absolute, utter relief.

Exactly. Now, in order to get there, you need both wholeness and holiness.

The utter relief of holiness. Let’s be made whole so that we can walk as holy, as God intended. ~ John Eldredge

May you this week come to know how you can be holy and whole. They are both necessary and inseparable. May you know in your journey of wholeness and holiness, the One who is transforming you. Be encouraged.

My Mind is Full

My mind is fullhs2
But not of you
Take my thoughts
Into your will

My heart is weary
But not from you
Beat my heart
Into your will

My soul is lost
And far from you
Take me back
Into your will

My life is yours
My mind, my soul
Seize my heart
Make me holy whole

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Holy Ground

Something stirred uncomfortably within my soul as I sat and listened to a speaker at church a few Sundays ago.  What was it I found confronting?  Why was I squirming in my seat?  Every Thursday morning I meet with a few close friends for coffee before work.  We all go to the same church. In between our flat whites we share stories, talk about life and about God.  Last week I felt the same feeling again .  One of the guys was sharing a story about healing, and how God chooses to heal because it’s about the healing, and more importantly, about the Healer.  As I listened to this story I once again felt this uneasiness – this uncertainly. I searched my feelings – what was similar, what was different?

Early in the morning, on the very next day I was walking down the hill to the train station.  I usually take this time to pray as it’s quiet, I have few distractions, and it’s downhill – which somehow is important!  Try praying when you walk up a hill – it’s really difficult.  Half way through my usual  prayer time I felt it again.  “What is this Lord?”  It felt a bit like guilt, it felt like I had misplaced something, it felt like I had failed to make a connection, an important connection.  It felt just the same as the other two occasions. 

Along with the slowly creeping sunrise it slowly dawned on me what it was. 

It was holiness. 

Holy, holy, holy!  Though the darkness hide thee,
though the eye of sinful man thy glory may not see,
only thou art holy; there is none beside thee,
perfect in power, in love and purity.
~ Reginald Heber

This is what I had felt – that strangely familiar yet uncomfortable feeling of approaching a Holy God, through worship, through conversations with friends, and through prayer.  For many years I had mistaken this with guilt. 

Along with a lot of things I have recently realised, I am not the centre of my own universe, it is not about me, it never was, and it’s all about God.  This revelation has taken me some time to realise. What it has done though has taken me much deeper into God – just another aspect of God’s character to experience. It’s a great place to be.

Our God is a Holy God – it should make us uncomfortable, it should challenge us, and sometimes it should shake our world, and shake our concept of self.  The good news is we can approach our Holy God, by the blood of Jesus.  He made this possible.  We do not need to be afraid, God can be our friend, our brother, and our comforter.  Through Jesus we can have a personal relationship with God, however we need to know that God is Holy. We stand on Holy ground each time we connect with God – we need to acknowledge this and take off our shoes of indifference.

Holy, holy, holy!  Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to thee.
Holy, holy, holy!  Merciful and mighty,
God in three persons, blessed Trinity!
~ Reginald Heber

So what about you my friend?  Have you experienced this holiness and mistaken it for something else?  What do you need to do differently?  What does a Holy God mean to you and how will this enhance your relationship with God?  Here, or somewhere this week, share your story.  It may help someone go deeper with God.

Holy Ground

Take me to the Holy Temple
With those who seek you face
Take me in your cloud of glory
In God’s speed and not my haste

For Holy are you Lord
And Worthy is your name
As I seek your face
I’ll never be the same

Take my past the outer courts
Into your Holy place
Past the burning altar
Lord I long to seek your face

For Holy are you Lord
And Worthy is your name
As I seek your face
I’ll never be the same

Take me into the Holy of Holies
I enter by the blood of the Lamb
Take me into your Holy of Holies
Cleanse my soul, heal my heart
Here I am


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