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What Lies Between Us

Everyone trusts in something. We even make good things — like our jobs, our families, or even our passions, hobbies and ministries — into idols.

Trusting in things other than God can have devastating effects upon our lives. If we think what we do will make us totally fulfilled, we’re setting ourselves up for deep disappointment. The Bible reminds us of this in Jeremiah: Those who make idols are disillusioned” (Jeremiah 10:14)

Sadly, idols don’t just stop after they’ve disappointed us though. Eventually, they enslave us, too.


Whatever you value the most in life, you’re going to become like. If you value money, you’ll eventually become a materialist. If you value pleasure, you’ll become a hedonist. If you value works, you’ll become a pragmatist. If you value above all else Jesus Christ, you’ll become a Christian. It all about the becoming.

So if putting something else first in our lives bends us out of shape, why do we do it?

We want a god we can control. We want to be able to manage him. If we make money our god, we feel as if we can control it. If we make other people our gods, we set out to control them. It makes us feel better.

When we are content that we have God worked out and that his values match ours, and that his morality is our morality, we are no longer dealing with God – we are dealing with an idol. – Peter Rollins

We can’t control God. He says, “Don’t reduce me. Don’t try to fit me into your lifestyle. Don’t try to control me.”

May you this week notice and identify the idols that you may have. May you come to know that these – even what seems good – may be coming between you and the Divine.  Talk about these with God and may you reorient yourself to the one whom you trust above all else. Perhaps then everything else may just fall into place. Grace and peace.

The things between us

These things between us
Admiration disguised as envy
Respect dressed up as jealously
Love where special conditions apply

These things between us
Living vicarious lives
Coveting others success
Expose the naked truth

These many things between us
Dripping with platitudes and cliches
Are like a Trojan horse
Of well presented polished idols

Take these things between us
And scatter them as
Far as the east is from the west
For they are just the dust of our inequity

Will you open your arms
Freely once more
I only want and need you
Other things can wait



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