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When my heart is breaking
I cry out to You my Lord,
Do you feel my anguish
As it cuts me like a sword?

When I pour out my heart to you
Does it weigh more or less?
Does it register on your scale
This misery of life’s mess.

In my words do you hear
The unspoken cries of my heart?
Those unheard whispers of my soul
That could tear my life apart.

I hear your heart, I know it well
I feel your pain today.
You know, I hear, a melody
As you cry to me and pray.

To me you are a tapestry
Your mess of life displayed.
The side you see is all tied up
With knots that have all frayed

If you could see the other side
Of how you look to me.
The painted landscape of your life
In vivid reality.

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Our God Reigns


How lovely are the mountains
At the feet of Him,
They bring good news,
Good news.

The mountains proclaim peace,
That passes all understanding.
They bring good news,
Good news.

The mountains announce salvation.
The steadfast love of God,
That endures forever
Our God reigns.

The majesty of the mountains
Have no equal in all creation.
The mountains speak to Zion
Our God reigns.

How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him
who brings good news,
Who announces peace and brings good news of happiness,
Who announces salvation, and says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”
Isaiah 52:7

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If my mind is a tower of windows
That reaches toward the sky,
Why do I sit at the same one
And hope to wonder why.

If I stare out the same window,
And view the same scene each day,
Will it grow and shape my world,
Or will is set me in my ways?

Shall I step back and turn around
And find a different view,
Another window for my soul
To glance at vistas new.

Through different windows of my soul
I am no longer blind,
Complacency, habit and regret,
I leave them far behind.

So much hangs on my frame of vision
To build Your world, my view,
And with fresh eyes I see Your plan
Your way, Your life, Your truth.

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If rainbows are visions
Then what do you see,
A palette of colour
To paint your reality?

If rainbows are illusions
Then what do you see,
A forgotten empty promise
That may never set you free?

If rainbows surround you
Then what will you see,
A clear miracle of hope
For you and for me?

If you believe in rainbows
As you  look to the sky of blue,
Do you dare to believe
What you hope for will come true?

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Your Haiku

Sometimes it seems that
The mountain is just too high
Far too high to climb

Sometimes it feels that
The road is just far too long
Too long to travel

Sometimes I wonder
Can I get through one more day
With my own chutzpah

Then I turn to you
And I know who carries me
Gives strength to my frame

For you cut my words
And prune my winter right back
So my fruits are yours

For I can do all
Things through Christ who gives me strength
My haiku is yours

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Did you see the angel, with a rainbow in her hair?
She held a flower in her hand, did you see it there?

Did you sense the angel, looking right at you?
Do you have enough faith, to see her too?

And did you feel the angel hold you tight, with green ribbons in her hair?
She held you while you thought too much of troubles that were not even there.

Do you believe – in angels, do you sense them near?
Do you feel them holding you, when no one really cares?

Whether you believe or not, your angels still will care,
And whether your heart is open or shut
They still know you’re there.

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Inside Out

From the outside in,
It looks like you have it all,
Success and good fortune.
From the inside out,
I’m turning your success, into contribution
And your fortune, into service.

From the outside in,
You sound confident and self-assured.
From the inside out,  
I’m working on your lack of self belief,
And focussing you on believing in me.

From the outside in,
You have the respect and trust of your peers.
From the inside out,
I’m working on your rejection and lonely times,
And creating a place for you to belong.

From the outside in,
Your mind is sharp as a tack.
From the inside out,
I’m softening the edges.
And asking you to be kind and compassionate.

From the outside in,
You feel your heart is changing,
And you struggle to explain it.
From the inside out,
All I’m asking is for you to trust and obey
For you have my heart of change.

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To inspire others,
You need to be inspired.
To enrich lives,
You need to be enriched.

To live,
You need to feel alive.
To be loved,
You need to love – with all your soul.

To be significant
You need an opportunity.
To make a difference,
You need to find cause.

To write poetry,
You need something to say.
To share it with others,
You need trust.

To change, you need
To be the change.

For anything else,
Just be yourself.

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