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Need to Know

You really need to know
How an act of compassion,
At a perfect time
Can turn a life around.
From darkness, to light

You really need to know
That through you,
I had an encounter with God,
That was so real and so powerful
That it broke my hardened heart

You really need to know
That God works through you,
In a way, that you may not realise
But perhaps you need reminding,
That he does

You really need to know, how
The impact of your words,
Your kindness and compassion,
Your selfless care, allowed God to
Speak into my captured soul, and set it free

You really need to know
How I need you to know this.
And how I’d just like to tell you,
And how, I wish I could
But all I can say is – thank you

You really need to know this
So I wrote it all down,
They are, only words on paper
And maybe somehow,
God uses them to speak to you.
Because you really need to know.

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