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The Art of Balance

If you want to finish the race of life, if you want to make it to the finish line and finish well, you’re going to have to let go of some things that may be holding you back in the race. Call it de-cluttering; call it simplifying. There are some things that need to be laid aside in order to finish well.

Let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily hinders our progress (Hebrews 12:1b NLT)

What kind of things? The things that cause you to get discouraged. Think of it this way: If you attach one light bulb to a battery, the battery will run for a long time. If you attach 100 light bulbs to a battery, it will go dim and dark really quick. When you keep adding things to your schedule and your life, you will quickly become discouraged and tired.


In Hebrews 12:1, it’s talks about how things that weigh you down slow you down and hold you back in the race of life. A weight is anything that slows you down. It could be a relationship, a job, an activity, or a sport. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A weight can be a good thing, but if you get too many good things in your life, you’re going to collapse because you don’t have time for all of them. You need to learn to say “no” to grow. God doesn’t expect you to do everything. I believe God wants us to hold all things loosely so they come and go.

It’s a dance, it’s a balance, holding on and letting go – Amy Grant

A weight can also be an unrealistic expectation that comes from peer pressure or the need to please someone, or it can be a memory. You might be stuck in the past, holding on to a happiness or hurt. The problem is that you can’t live in the past or even in the future; you can only live in the now. Trying to do anything else will weigh you down. Whatever the weight is, if it isn’t working in your life, if it’s dragging you down, you need to let it go.

May you my brothers and sisters learn the dance and balance of life, what we need to let go of and hold on to. May you be reminded to hold all things loosely, as these are all Gods things, and he may need to move things on.

In the Balance

The dance of life
A beautiful balance
Holding on and
Letting Go

Clenched fists or
The way of the open hand
Holding on and
Letting Go

Opportunity knocks
But at the cost of what
Holding on and
Letting Go

Trust and courage
In the vulnerable
Holding on and
Letting Go

Life as it never dies
Invites us to the dance
Hold on and let go


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