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Lighthouse Man

A couple of years ago I discovered a new band – The Waifs.   They hail from Western Australia.  It’s hard to describe their genre. The closest I can come to describe their music is a  curious combination of blues, jazz, roots, gospel, and world.  It’s a fairly unique blend and not everyone’s cup of tea.  For me the integrity of their lyrics and melodies are confronting.   

One of my favourite songs is Lighthouse (click to view YouTube video).  The imagery and story of the song has left a lasting impression on me.  It’s a common story – the story of seeking and finding.  My favourite part of the song is this bit:

We all need a lighthouse of our own
It gets so dark I can’t see which way I’m going
Lighthouse man I’m all at sea
Shine a little lighthouse light on me

Somedays we all need a lighthouse man – someone to guide us and remind us where to go and bring us safely back to land.  Someone to guide us, someone to lead us, someone to bring light to our dark places.  Here’s my take on the imagery of my lighthouse man – my Jesus.

Lighthouse Man

Your face outshines the brightest star
Your eyes search back and forth across the ocean
For the sailor on the stormy sea

Your voice rolls like roaring thunder
Your words crash like mighty waves
For the sailor on the stormy sea

Your arms hold back the raging waves
Your hand stops the spinning compass
For the sailor on the stormy sea

Your heart shines for me like a lighthouse
Your love draws me to the sheltered shore
For a sailor just like me


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