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Between the lakes of Rotoiti and Rotoroa in New Zealand’s South Island, is the high alpine tarn of Lake Angelus with the nearby Angelus Hut. Only another 400 metres higher is the fine peak of Mt. Angelus (2075m). The most spectacular hiking access to the lake, hut and mountain is along the Robert Ridge – a consistently high, sometimes narrow and beautiful route. There are great views into the basins above the Travers Valley and alpine herbfields for budding botanists. The high altitude (up to 1600 metres) means that this area is subject to ice and snow at any time of the year. The steep slopes to either side are prone to avalanches in winter. This is a popular area even in winter with beautiful frozen lakes and climbers tackling snow and ice on Mt. Angelus.


It is a place like no other. There is something wild, beautiful, majestic and unpredictable about hiking in the wide open alpine environment. Everytime I’m in this type of place I’m reminded of God’s creation and the nature of God. God is all over, in and around all of His creation. For me this is Heaven on Earth. It lifts my soul, it restores my heart and mind and helps me regain perspective. There is a great verse in the book of Micah that describes how God dwells in His creation:

The Lord is coming from his dwelling place; he comes down and treads on the heights of the earth. The mountains melt beneath him and the valleys split apart, like wax before the fire, like water rushing down a slope. (Micah 1:3-4)


Standing on the top of Mt Angelus (Mountain of the Angels) was a magnificent experience. When I got to the summit the clouds were rolling in and it was quite misty. Then for 10 glorious minutes the clouds parted and the sun lit up a nearby lake like it was on fire. The cloud turned red and the wind intensified.  God did that just for me. I felt a bit like Moses. It was stunning. The Celtics call these places and experiences thin places – where heaven just seems a bit closer to earth. The truth is these thin places are not just geographical, these places are in our hearts if we have eyes to see what landscapes God is creating in our hearts.

May you this week take some time to dwell in the thin places, find a hill or a mountain if you need to, or just be still and know that he is God

Sacred Air

In the ice and through the snow
He rides on Angels wings below
Along the mighty mountain peaks
He turns his face to the one who seeks

Frozen mountains beneath him now
Valleys split away somehow
The only thing that now remains
Is the subject who still seeks his reign

Like wax before a mighty flame
The ice and snow they melt the same
All remains is the rock so high
And there he stands higher than I

In this place my soul is stirred
My heart’s renewed and restored
I feel his mighty presence near
As I breathe the pure sacred air



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