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The other day, I caught myself running up the stairs in our house. Why was I running and what for? I really can’t remember. It was nothing urgent, so why the rush?

Sometimes I rush through the day and at the end compliment myself on all the busyness I rushed through. It must have been important because I was so very busy. Did I miss something? Yes. I missed the sunrise and the sunset, I missed the wind and sun on my face, I missed so much by rushing into my busyness.


A good friend of mine who had a baby asked me my advice on parenting once. He asked me, “If you had one piece of advice to give me what would it be”. I remember my reply, “Walk and don’t run”. I heard my own advice ringing in my ears yesterday as I rushed up the stairs to do something I can’t remember. I have made a mental note to slow down. It’s easy to rush into the day and not stop, be still, be present, and appreciate life for what it is. Do I need to take my own advice, you bet!

Simon and Garfunkel put it well in their song “Feeling Groovy”

“Slow down, you move too fast. You’ve got to make the moment last”

Being fully present here and now can be challenging. It’s something that requires patience, and a whole lot of self determination. There are many excuses not to be, but there are good reasons to live mindfully and be present.

So what are you rushing into? What are you busy with? Do you have to run when you could walk? I’m going to try spending the next few days slowing down, listening more to God, and feeling groovy in the moment.

May you this week find time to be present, be still and know God.

Right Here, Right Now

In this moment
You are here
Through my breath
In the frigid air

In this place
Where frost is due
You are the sunrise
I always knew

In this winter
Of bitter cold
You are the sweet fire
That warms my soul

Your embers heat
My cold heart of stone
Transformed – brand new
I’m here – I’m home

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