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The Mystery of the Moment

If I told you 100 years ago that I could write the entire Bible on something as small as my fingernail and then read it; you would’ve said that I was crazy, because no one could ever write that small. If I told people in the 1900s that I could go from New Zealand to New York in 24 hours, I would’ve been branded a lunatic, for no ship could ever sail that swiftly nor could a horse ever run that fast. The problem of course, is that we would be viewing these future exploits through the lens of our current technological understanding. We lack a 100-200 years of revelation, which reduces us to inferior solutions that simply won’t solve these superior challenges.


We face the same challenges in the scripture every day. For example, God says He loves us more than we could ever understand or imagine. But in the same breath He teaches us that there is a Hell and that some people will go there for eternal punishment. We can’t reconcile how a loving God could possibly allow people to go to a place of eternal destruction because we lack a billion years revelation. We often feel pressure to reconcile these mysteries. This often leads us to change the outcomes to explain the challenge. Metaphorically speaking, we say things like, “no one could get to New York in 24 hours, therefore the statement is a misunderstanding.

We reason; a God who loves unconditionally could logically never send someone to Hell and therefore it cannot be true. So we create solutions that satisfy our minds and put our souls to rest. The outcome is that we stop searching for revelation for these divine paradoxes because we’ve created answers to satisfy our minds. And as result, what we think we know keeps us from what we need to know. The truth if we have a God that we completely understand, then we have created a God in our own image. For an infinite God, by definition, must remain somewhat of a mystery to finite man.

May you this week, seek not understanding of the why, but focus on the now and the what. May the mystery of God, whether he seems far or near embrace you and may you for a moment be still and bask in the mystery the one who knows and loves you so much.

The mystery of the moment

In the mystery of the moment
All is quiet in this place
Logic and the rationale mind
Hide behind the weathered face

In the mystery of the moment
Time has no measure here
Eternity began some time ago
When Love cast out all fear

In the mystery of the moment
Understanding is not needed now
The ways of God break through
The why, the where, and how

God’s ways call us from ahead
They lead us on in timeless intent
I let go of many questions
In the mystery of the moment


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