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On Monday 13 June another huge aftershock shattered many Christchurch landmarks already damaged in the February earthquake.

The collapsed Christ Church Cathedral rose window cannot be fixed, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament dome is more perilous than before, the Arts Centre has suffered major damage and the timeball from the destroyed Lyttelton Timeball Station was thrown 15 metres downhill.  Boulders the size of houses crashed down Sumner cliffs again, narrowly missing houses and people.

The Canterbury Museum collection was thrown into disorder again by the aftershocks, just days after staff had finished reordering hundreds of artefacts since the February quake.

The people of Christchurch have had enough.  A lot of people have moved out and are moving on, burdended with debt from houses that have been consumed by the earthquakes and aftershocks.  The city will never be the same. 

Many are questioning why God let this happen, not once but over and over again.  Many people believe that this ‘Act of God’ is not an act of a kind and compassionate God.  Indeed how could it be.  So where is God?  This is what the Dean of Christ Church Catherdral, Peter Beck,  had to say about this:

This was not an act of God, it was the earth doing what the earth does. The act of God is how we love each other and support each other through this.

I have friends and relatives who live in Christchurch.  I can think of no advice, no pity comments, and no words to give comfort.  I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to live in this city of ruin.  I do know, however that God knows.  I hope that people may draw some strength from each other and remember that people are more important than the situation.

Maori have a phrase to describe this:

He aha te mea nui? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!
Ask me what is important, it is people, it is people, it is people.

He Tangata

Ask me what’s important
It is people, people, people.
Not the church, not the pastor
And not the fancy steeple.

Buildings do noy cry and mourn
They do not contain our heart,
It is only by the grace of God
That a church can even start.

The centre of our church is Christ
We’ve found this in our search,
God help us rebuild our ruined lives
In your city of Christchurch.

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Today you showed me a vision
A flicker of hope in my strife
A moment of truth and beauty
Of your plan for the rest of my life

Today I sensed you draw closer
And you breathed a word in my ear
A moment of truth and beauty
And a clear direction to steer

Today I spent time with your people
They showed me your life to live
A moment of truth and beauty
An assurance of my gifts to give

Today I rediscovered my passion
For words written and spoken in love
A moment of truth and beauty
Intervention logic from above

Today brand these gifts on my heart
And set fire to them in my soul
Help me with moments of truth and beauty
And when you call me – let me go.

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