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Living Water

We all experience valleys at one time or another during our lives.  In fact, usually several times.  Life is a series of mountain tops and valleys. While we know God cares about our suffering, many of us wonder at times why He allows it.  No one likes the valleys of suffering. Most of us would rather spend our time on the mountain top.

Time in the valley can be a place of rest and solitude.  It may not be what type of valley we find ourselves in, but rather, what we do when we’re in the valley.  Do we complain, groan, and allow bitterness to enter our hearts – if we are honest then probably yes!  There is one unique thing however that we can only find in the valley – rivers.  Perhaps time in the valley is time to rest, drink and be refilled.

You restore my soul. You guide me in the path of righteousness for your name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Psalm 23:3-4

In the valleys of life, we learn that we need help, restoration and guidance.  Other people may be able to help, but they may also offer too much advice – remember Job’s friends? There is only one God who can provide full and complete restoration. It’s an issue of trust and of waiting.

So what about you? If you find yourself in the valley, take heart. God is up to something, because you’re worth it. If you feel like you are in an endless, uphill battle and can’t do anything right to get to the top of the mountain. Stop climbing. Breathe, and take in the fresh air from below and drink from the river. He has so much for you.  Here, or somewhere this week, be real and share your story.

Living Waters

They say that faith moves mountains
But do they really know
That it’s only in the valleys
Where your living waters flow

They say that words have power
And we all have seeds to sow
But have they walked the valleys
Where your living waters flow

They say just call your name
When you feel defeated by your foes
Do they know the valleys
Where your living waters flow

Their actions betray their words
So for now I’ll cling to you
For you are my living water
In the valley of my foe

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