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I’ve decided that it’s time to admit to myself that I am now a writer.  I write poetry.  I have had my poetry published, and now I’m half way through putting a book together, all in the space of about eight months. My writing defines part of who I am, it defines my approach to my life and my faith. I have discovered many other writers that are travelling down this same road.  It’s easy to think we are all alone, but there is great support if you know where to look.

Like most writers I sometimes get writers block.  I get stuck and sometimes I’m not sure if something I’m working on is barely started or  half-finished.  I guess that would depend I whether I see my glass half full or half empty.

Generally I don’t like to do things by half and I get great satisfaction when something is complete.  I’m discovering with writing that a half finished poem is something great to come back to later and rework and look at again through a different lens, change and adapt.
I have a lot of poetry and writing that is finished and I have a lot that’s half done, I have even more that are just at the idea stage and haven’t really progressed much further.  No doubt there is more that I haven’t even thought about yet. I hope so.

I wrote a poem about my half-finished book, the lonely existence of a writer and how sometimes it plays on my mind.  If you’re a writer or someone who just wants to finish something, then some of these words may just resonate with you.  I’d be interested in your thoughts, fully cooked or half-baked. It may just be time to start work on the other half.

Unfinished Business

On my bookshelf
Of half-finished dreams
Lies my hopes and my fears
At least that what it seems

I’ve journaled my faith
Many words I have rhymed
But now I’m stuck fast
In the malaise of time

I’ve toiled with my time
Sweated blood, hopes and fears
My dream remains only half-baked
It brings me to tears

I feel half awake
In my struggle for self
As cobwebs and doubts
Bury my dreams on the shelf

I feel so alone
Isolated and cold
Wondering if anyone cares
As I write and grow old

I have journeyed alone
Taking long leaps of faith
I now need your prayers
As I stray life a waif

You can help me my friend
Pray I wake from my dream
Pray my words see the light
And the lights go all green

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What view do you need to see,
From your marble balcony?
Hill and trees, sun and shade,
A painted landscape that you have made.

Have you seen the other view,
From those who look up at you?
Is their world the same as yours,
Have you walked with them outdoors?

Through rose-coloured glasses what do you see,
Your picture-perfect reality?
Do you know where your blind spot lies,
Does it take you by surprise?

When you gaze out and drink your view,
Do you feel refreshed, renewed?
Does it fill you and make you whole
The view from the balcony of your soul?

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Love Letter

When I was young
I learnt to write,
By joining my letters
From left to right.

As I joined them
With my thick black pen,
My stories took shape
Of mice and men.

Now I am older
I choose my words,
They fall on this page
As I rhyme this verse.

I use some words
And throw out a lot,
Shall I use this one?
Well – maybe not.

Who holds my pen
And guides my hand?
Do I need to seek first
To understand?

That I am but a small pen
In the hand of God above
Who needs to write to this world
His letter of love.

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Inside Out

From the outside in,
It looks like you have it all,
Success and good fortune.
From the inside out,
I’m turning your success, into contribution
And your fortune, into service.

From the outside in,
You sound confident and self-assured.
From the inside out,  
I’m working on your lack of self belief,
And focussing you on believing in me.

From the outside in,
You have the respect and trust of your peers.
From the inside out,
I’m working on your rejection and lonely times,
And creating a place for you to belong.

From the outside in,
Your mind is sharp as a tack.
From the inside out,
I’m softening the edges.
And asking you to be kind and compassionate.

From the outside in,
You feel your heart is changing,
And you struggle to explain it.
From the inside out,
All I’m asking is for you to trust and obey
For you have my heart of change.

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