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Go West

Of all the prayers that rise from human lips on this troubled planet, the vast majority must be some version of, “Help!”. But second place of “most often prayed” has to be, “God—what am I supposed to do?” Guidance, clarity, direction—doesn’t that seem to be one of the main reasons we pray at all?  Should I take this job?  What am I supposed to do with my life?

When seeking clarity we will almost always ask for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. Both are needed. Sometimes, wisdom holds the answer. Other times, we need a revelation from God (as did Ananias, when the situation seemed to shout, “Don’t go near Saul!”).

The key to receiving answers to prayers for guidance is to let go our constant attempt to “figure things out.”

“Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.” (Psalm 23:6 NLT)

God says, “I’ve got this great life planned for you, and surely goodness and mercy will follow you through it. But that’s not all of it. I’ve got something planned at the end!”

David explains how God connects yesterday and today with tomorrow, when he says, “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever” (Psalm 23:6). In effect, David ends his psalm by saying, “We’re going to Heaven!” With God, it just keeps getting better and better; the best is yet to come.

Paul says it like this: “For we know that when this earthly tent we live in is taken down — when we die and leave these bodies — we will have a home in heaven, an eternal body made for us by God himself and not by human hands” (2 Corinthians 5:1 NLT).

How long is forever going to last? Forever! Someday your body is going to die, but you aren’t. Your body is going to end, but that’s not going to be the end of you. You’re going to live forever. We were made to last forever, and we will spend eternity in Heaven.

Why are Christians confident about the future? “We are always confident, even though we know that as long as we live in these bodies we are not at home with the Lord. Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:6, 8 NLT).


So, my brothers and sisters, may you this week, recall what is yet to come, and in that space between the now and the not yet, go West when the evil go East.  God wants us to relax into the journey. We need to trust that he will guide us when we have lost our way.  May God remind you that every road you travel leads you back to him. Grace and peace.

Go West

To the true North
I will order your steps
But go West good man
When the evil go East

To the deep South
Delight in my way
But go West good man
When the evil go East

Though you may fall
You will not be cast down
For I will uphold you
With my hand

Set your moral compass
Fix your eyes on me
For your steps are good
And ordered by me

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Perhaps the most powerful aspect of vision is that it changes your way of thinking, which in turn changes the way you live. An Olympic swimmer endures the long hours of staring at the bottom of a pool, day after day, because he is motivated by the vision of the gold to come.  Small children endure the struggle to be very, very good for another two weeks because they are motivated by a vision of gifts under a Christmas tree.

Vision is a power that motivates us to do great things and  give great things. Vision keeps us going when there doesn’t appear to be any other reason to keep pushing forward toward the goal.

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Oswald Chambers says the thing that keeps us going for God, even when everything or everyone around us is tumbling and stumbling, is our vision of God, not our devotion to principles or our devotion to duty.

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” (Hebrews 12:2 NIV)

When we fix our eyes on Jesus He gives us eyes to see, it’s just the way it works in the kingdom. A few years ago God have me a vision for the United States. Lately God has been adding in a few more pieces. In four weeks I’ll be travelling to the US with my good friend Rob. God has some things for us to see, experience and activate. Vision is about seeing – faith is about trusting and obeying.

May you this week seek God and recall the vision He has given you. It’s written on your heart. May you activate today a part of that vision. God will give you eyes to see and ears to hear.

Here’s what I saw three years ago. Last Sunday night I heard a testimony from someone who saw something very similar, the week before I heard another testimony about the rose. God is moving and creating good things for us all.

The Rose of Redding

As I flew in on eagles wings
I saw a desolate desert land
Where trees once stood mighty
And grass moved in the gentle breeze

The beating heat betrayed by life
The land empty and laid bare
From latitudes north to south
As far as west is from the east

Then they stood up in silent reverie
And in their ashes stared at me
Tell us where shall we go
Our land is no longer brave or free

Then in the north a struggle grew
A singe red rose grew tall
Abided in and of itself
Beautiful, yet strong

Heaven came to earth that day
And new life was birthed again
The rose grew purposefully
From deep roots in good soil

The huge petals slowly lowered
Two set of five the same
The five fold ministry of God
Reflected of itself

More roots grew strong and
Multiplied, first south, then
East and north, and brought
Fertility and peace to the land

The petals covered the land that day
The land no longer dry
Heaven invaded earth
The people and cities were restored

So today I pray, bring forth and activate
In the company of the full force of heaven
Invade this brave and free land
To seek and save what was lost

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The Narrow Way

You have hidden deep in my heart
A mystery that I’m yet to find,
Dreams that slumber in my soul
Sleepy visions in my mind.

I see the signposts on the road
They whisper in my heart today,
My soul stirs when I hear your voice
As we walk the narrow way.

I know if I saw your final plan
I’d be blinded by your light,
But how it would illuminate my day
By chasing away the night.

Help me to trust in you my Lord
As I step out in faith with you,
You hold my hand, you lead me still
Along the narrow way.

 For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.
~ Matthew 7:14

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As I climb this ladder
I sense it’s time to stop.
Is it greed or ambition
That drives me to the top?

A snake slithers up to reach me
He whispers in my ear,
You know you want what’s at the top,
Trust me, it’s very near.

Should I listen to the snake
Will he take me down?
Am I half way up this ladder,
Or am I halfway down?

In this game of snakes and ladders
God help me keep awake,
Help me to remember
You can never trust the snake.

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What view do you need to see,
From your marble balcony?
Hill and trees, sun and shade,
A painted landscape that you have made.

Have you seen the other view,
From those who look up at you?
Is their world the same as yours,
Have you walked with them outdoors?

Through rose-coloured glasses what do you see,
Your picture-perfect reality?
Do you know where your blind spot lies,
Does it take you by surprise?

When you gaze out and drink your view,
Do you feel refreshed, renewed?
Does it fill you and make you whole
The view from the balcony of your soul?

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Shadows of Doubt

As I walk in this cave
The shadows dance on the wall
From Your light behind me
They grow narrow and tall

I stumble in this cave
Through the cobwebs I see
A shadow of my life
Far from Your reality

To turn to the light
Would take a mighty act of will
I’ll need Your living water
To swallow that pill

You reach for my hand
And with You I turn
To face Your pure radiance
I have so much to unlearn

You turn my world upside down
And my thoughts inside out
Let us walk out by faith
Through my shadows of doubt

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I sat too long
One day last week,
I thought to ask
But I forgot to seek.

The cobwebs grew
Within my mind,
I meant to look
But I felt so blind.

The chair felt old
Beneath my frame,
My bones grew weak
My body lame.

Then I felt you stir
Deep in my soul,
You fanned the flame
New life from old.

Out of myself
I stood up straight,
From that old chair
I couldn’t wait.

My chains fell off
My heart was free,
To rise, go forth
And follow thee.

God help me stand
And turn to You,
And in Your presence
May I live anew.

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The Mission

You asked me to go out
To speak Your word,
But where shall I go
And will I be heard.

Where is my mission
Where is my field,
Let me seek Your Spirit
So that I may yield.

Let me travel to Africa
And seek those who are poor,
Because no one around here,
Will hear me no more.

You need to stay
Just right where you are,
I placed you right here
Not away so far.

Look for my people
Because you always knew,
Those you will serve
Are right in front of you.

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If my mind is a tower of windows
That reaches toward the sky,
Why do I sit at the same one
And hope to wonder why.

If I stare out the same window,
And view the same scene each day,
Will it grow and shape my world,
Or will is set me in my ways?

Shall I step back and turn around
And find a different view,
Another window for my soul
To glance at vistas new.

Through different windows of my soul
I am no longer blind,
Complacency, habit and regret,
I leave them far behind.

So much hangs on my frame of vision
To build Your world, my view,
And with fresh eyes I see Your plan
Your way, Your life, Your truth.

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If rainbows are visions
Then what do you see,
A palette of colour
To paint your reality?

If rainbows are illusions
Then what do you see,
A forgotten empty promise
That may never set you free?

If rainbows surround you
Then what will you see,
A clear miracle of hope
For you and for me?

If you believe in rainbows
As you  look to the sky of blue,
Do you dare to believe
What you hope for will come true?

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From Both Sides

Sometimes you seem so far away
If I’d only turn and walk your way.
Then we’d be closer and I’d see
More of you and less of me.

I want to be so close to you
Forgot the old and make it new.
But I struggle day-to-day
Help me recall you’re the only way.

I’ve looked at you from both sides now
From my side I question where and how.
But from your side it must be so clear
You deep desire is to be so near.

I need to see your truth – your light
To chase away my darkest night.
From your love may I never hide
I run to you with arms so wide.

Show me the signs where you have gone
And I will follow right along.
Hold my hand and walk with me
From here into eternity.

I’ve looked at you from both sides now
From my side I question where and how.
But from your side it must be so clear
You deep desire is to be so near.

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Did you see the angel, with a rainbow in her hair?
She held a flower in her hand, did you see it there?

Did you sense the angel, looking right at you?
Do you have enough faith, to see her too?

And did you feel the angel hold you tight, with green ribbons in her hair?
She held you while you thought too much of troubles that were not even there.

Do you believe – in angels, do you sense them near?
Do you feel them holding you, when no one really cares?

Whether you believe or not, your angels still will care,
And whether your heart is open or shut
They still know you’re there.

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You have carved my life
and shaped my soul,
You keep moulding me
to make me whole.

You complete me,
and make me feel.
like a walk in the rain,
You keep me real.

You create desire in me
and make me wait,
order my steps
before I innovate.

You are my beginning and my end,
the Alpha and Omega – my long life friend.

Destine my life
and determine my decision,
and through You –
help my live Your vision.

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True North

Your grace is always enough,
in my endless wandering through my life.
Your compass shows me True North,
In your footprints I see how much You carry me.
Your word is a bright light to my path.

Your grace is always sufficient,
I am never without want.
You provide everything I could ever need,
My cup is always more than half full.
Your word is a lamp to my dusty feet.

Your grace is always beside me,
When I am fearful,
When I have lost my way.
When my aching heart is beating down the road,
You are there, walking with me through the valley of life.

Your grace is amazing,
I cannot begin to describe or explain,
Its depths or boundaries.
Just as I cannot explain the depths,
Of your universe or your boundless love for me.

So when my mind fails to comprehend,
and when my logic just cannot connect.
Help me to remember that Your grace,
is always sufficient for me.

Only by your grace I am saved,
and through your grace  – You give – 
definition and purpose to my life.

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