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Self Belief

See the lines on my face,
Each one has its own story.
Of an opportunity missed,
Of a bitter rejection,
And of a hurt not healed.

Hold my gaze long enough,
And you may see,
The pain of my limited self-belief.
Of a mind that understands,
And of a heart, that refuses to trust.

Take my hand,
And you will feel,
The grip of my soul.
Those things I need to grab hold of,
And those that I just can’t let go.

Listen to the words I don’t say,
And read between the lines.
And you will hear the story,
Of a man desperately, trying
To work out his faith.
In a world full of paradox.

Take time to walk beside me,
Even just for a few steps.
And you may just catch a glimpse of my heaven
Will you guide me on my way?
For we are all travellers on
The same road.

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