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When we hear the word holiness, it probably leaves a religiously strict residue in our minds, mainly because of some idea around holiness being connected to behaviour management. We think of obeying certain rules that consist of ’Do this and don’t do this.’ And, of course, the work of the Spirit of God does bring about change in behaviour.

But this is only seen from the surface.

There is something deeper.

Holiness and wholeness are connected. To become holy is to become whole, as God intended and created us to be. And to be made whole comes through healing, healing deep within.

Think of physical healing. If you are healed of a sickness or disease, a broken or disfigured limb, what is taking place is our restoration to wholeness. The same is true within, in the heart, in the soul. Sin, theologians tell us, consists of ‘missing the mark’. So, to be made whole allows us to not miss that mark, or more importantly, to live as God intended humans to live.

I think this is a helpful approach to understanding holiness. Yes, we are broken and sinful. Yes, we need healing into wholeness that we might be holy. And as this deeper work takes place, the surface behaviour will also be transformed.

Take the things you struggle with and ask yourself, “What would life be like if I never struggled with this again?”

It would be an utter relief. An absolute, utter relief.

Exactly. Now, in order to get there, you need both wholeness and holiness.

The utter relief of holiness. Let’s be made whole so that we can walk as holy, as God intended. ~ John Eldredge

May you this week come to know how you can be holy and whole. They are both necessary and inseparable. May you know in your journey of wholeness and holiness, the One who is transforming you. Be encouraged.

My Mind is Full

My mind is fullhs2
But not of you
Take my thoughts
Into your will

My heart is weary
But not from you
Beat my heart
Into your will

My soul is lost
And far from you
Take me back
Into your will

My life is yours
My mind, my soul
Seize my heart
Make me holy whole

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Yesterday, I caught myself running up the stairs in our house.  Why was I running and what for?  I really can’t remember.  It was nothing urgent, so why the rush?

Sometimes I rush through the day and at the end compliment myself on all the busyness I rushed through.  It must have been important because I was so very busy.  Did I miss something?  Yes. I missed the sunrise and the sunset, I missed the wind and sun on my face, I missed so much by rushing into my busyness.

A good friend of mine who had just had a baby asked me my advice on parenting once.  He asked me, “If you had one piece of advice to give me what would it be”.  I remember my reply, “Walk and don’t run”.  I heard my own advice ringing in my ears yesterday as I rushed up the stairs to do something I can’t remember.  I have made a mental note to slow down. It’s easy to rush into the day and not stop, be still, be present, and appreciate life for what it is.  Do I need to take my own advice, you bet!

Simon and Garfunkel put it well in their song “Feeling Groovy”

“Slow down, you move too fast.  You’ve got to make the moment last”

So what are you rushing into?  What are you busy with?  Do you have to run when you could walk?  I’m spending the next few days  slowing down, listening more to God, and feeling groovy.   Here’s my reflection on what God might want me to see:

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

The faster you go
The bigger the mess.
Ain’t that so true,
I was quick to confess.

So why do you rush
Right into your day?
There is so much to see
Just stop, sit and stay.

Stay in my presence
I’ll show you such sights.
My bright and bold sunrise
My clear and crisp nights.

Smell the rain on the grass
Feel the wind in your hair.
See my crimson red sunset,
Just stop, look and stare.

So as you rush through your day
Stop, and give me a nod
Take time to be still,
And know that I am your God.

Be still, and know that I am God
~ Psalm 46:10

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We both meet here my friend
At this moment of time
In the words of this poem
We both share this same rhyme

The gift that we share
Some words in life’s sentence
A small part of our story
In one little parentheses

In this precious moment
Our souls greet each other
As part of God’s Kingdom
As sisters and brothers

So let joy complete us
As we encounter and share
Let us carry each other
In our hopes and our prayers

Peace be with you my friend
Until next time we meet
Through this avenue of words
In the very same street

May the road rise up to meet you
And may God guide your feet
May the sun warm your face
Until next time we speak.

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What view do you need to see,
From your marble balcony?
Hill and trees, sun and shade,
A painted landscape that you have made.

Have you seen the other view,
From those who look up at you?
Is their world the same as yours,
Have you walked with them outdoors?

Through rose-coloured glasses what do you see,
Your picture-perfect reality?
Do you know where your blind spot lies,
Does it take you by surprise?

When you gaze out and drink your view,
Do you feel refreshed, renewed?
Does it fill you and make you whole
The view from the balcony of your soul?

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Brussels sprouts, boiled cabbage
And stringy runner beans
I’d gladly give them up you know
Strange, as it may surely seem

Black caviar and foie gras too?
That would take faith, no doubt
I can’t afford them anyway
So alright – I’ll go without

So for Lent this year I’ll give it all up
That will impress I’m sure
But wait – upon my heart I feel
A familiar knocking at the door

The Lent man comes (for the lent is due)
With his teeth of gold
I’ll take your car and wide-screen TV
The new one – not the old

You can give these up for Lent
You’ll never know they’re gone
And here’s a box of brussels sprouts
For you to chew upon.

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On a pale blue dot
In a sunbeam of light,
Our tiny earth
Spins day into night.

Our dot is so small
In a universe so vast,
We think we’re immortal
Forever we’ll last.

We live and we die
In peace and through war,
We all exist on this dot
But do we love any more?

So who made this dot
And moved space through time,
To make the earth spin
On no more than a dime?

It’s so easy to forget
To remember it seems,
Our mote of dust
Suspended in a sunbeam.

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I sat too long
One day last week,
I thought to ask
But I forgot to seek.

The cobwebs grew
Within my mind,
I meant to look
But I felt so blind.

The chair felt old
Beneath my frame,
My bones grew weak
My body lame.

Then I felt you stir
Deep in my soul,
You fanned the flame
New life from old.

Out of myself
I stood up straight,
From that old chair
I couldn’t wait.

My chains fell off
My heart was free,
To rise, go forth
And follow thee.

God help me stand
And turn to You,
And in Your presence
May I live anew.

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Your treasure is hidden
Away from my eyes,
If I just glimpsed at Your glory
I at once would be blind.

Your wise words are placed
Far away from my ears,
If I could just listen
In spite of my fears.

My mind can’t conceive
Of what You’ve prepared,
But my heart longs for You
Through all of my years.

Through the years
When we just drifted apart,
How my mind just forgot You
But not my weak heart.

Through the years
When I thought You had left me alone,
You knew I’d come back
Your prodigal son.

Spirit – search my heart
Open my eyes to see You,
Let me hear Your clear voice
And fill my mind with Your truth.

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The Beach

Down to the beach of golden sand,
I walked with a small stick,
The tide was out, the sun was low,
I knew I had to be quick.

I found a piece of untouched sand,
That the tide had washed so clean,
It glistened in the morning sun,
It sparkled and shimmered it seemed.

I used the stick and started to write.
Those heavy words that had held me back,
All the things that I had to let go,
My troubles, my worries, my lack.

Before too long I had filled that beach,
Down by the water’s edge,
I walked back to soak up the view,
Of all my words etched in black.

The sun rose up, the waves rushed in,
And covered my words that day,
God took my story of my sin,
And washed it all away.

The tide groaned out, the sun sank low,
And on that golden shore,
The sand was untouched by human hands,
The story of sin was no more.

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Self Belief

See the lines on my face,
Each one has its own story.
Of an opportunity missed,
Of a bitter rejection,
And of a hurt not healed.

Hold my gaze long enough,
And you may see,
The pain of my limited self-belief.
Of a mind that understands,
And of a heart, that refuses to trust.

Take my hand,
And you will feel,
The grip of my soul.
Those things I need to grab hold of,
And those that I just can’t let go.

Listen to the words I don’t say,
And read between the lines.
And you will hear the story,
Of a man desperately, trying
To work out his faith.
In a world full of paradox.

Take time to walk beside me,
Even just for a few steps.
And you may just catch a glimpse of my heaven
Will you guide me on my way?
For we are all travellers on
The same road.

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