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Your treasure is hidden
Away from my eyes,
If I just glimpsed at Your glory
I at once would be blind.

Your wise words are placed
Far away from my ears,
If I could just listen
In spite of my fears.

My mind can’t conceive
Of what You’ve prepared,
But my heart longs for You
Through all of my years.

Through the years
When we just drifted apart,
How my mind just forgot You
But not my weak heart.

Through the years
When I thought You had left me alone,
You knew I’d come back
Your prodigal son.

Spirit – search my heart
Open my eyes to see You,
Let me hear Your clear voice
And fill my mind with Your truth.


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The Beach

Down to the beach of golden sand,
I walked with a small stick,
The tide was out, the sun was low,
I knew I had to be quick.

I found a piece of untouched sand,
That the tide had washed so clean,
It glistened in the morning sun,
It sparkled and shimmered it seemed.

I used the stick and started to write.
Those heavy words that had held me back,
All the things that I had to let go,
My troubles, my worries, my lack.

Before too long I had filled that beach,
Down by the water’s edge,
I walked back to soak up the view,
Of all my words etched in black.

The sun rose up, the waves rushed in,
And covered my words that day,
God took my story of my sin,
And washed it all away.

The tide groaned out, the sun sank low,
And on that golden shore,
The sand was untouched by human hands,
The story of sin was no more.

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Self Belief

See the lines on my face,
Each one has its own story.
Of an opportunity missed,
Of a bitter rejection,
And of a hurt not healed.

Hold my gaze long enough,
And you may see,
The pain of my limited self-belief.
Of a mind that understands,
And of a heart, that refuses to trust.

Take my hand,
And you will feel,
The grip of my soul.
Those things I need to grab hold of,
And those that I just can’t let go.

Listen to the words I don’t say,
And read between the lines.
And you will hear the story,
Of a man desperately, trying
To work out his faith.
In a world full of paradox.

Take time to walk beside me,
Even just for a few steps.
And you may just catch a glimpse of my heaven
Will you guide me on my way?
For we are all travellers on
The same road.

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